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  1. 2021 vs. 2019. First impressions, subtle changes

    Magnaride comes alive when you start dogging on the car. Put the car in sport or track mode and marvel at the performance. Even with 700+ hp in mine, i still love magnaride.
  2. S.C.s--> Roush vs Whipple?? On s550

    If warranty is primary concern, roush is your only route. Whipple by far the more efficient unit though. My opinion may be biased...
  3. Superchargers...the difference?

    You have to decide on 3 things primarily, long term power goals, power band goals, and budget. Answer those and you will be lead to the best choice for your goals. That said...whipple for the win lol.
  4. GEN 5 whipple 60-130 dragy ?

    Mine seems to refuse to capture 60 to 130, no idea why.
  5. NEED HELP!! Anyone Install Vicrez GT 500 Front Bumper?

    The mounts on the sides on the 18+ are different, it has a bracket that mounts through the bumper, the 15-17 use garbage pressure bracket the bumper clips into. Thats why the 15to17 guys have trouble with their covers coming loose and 18+ do not. My i5 autohause bumper installed without issue...
  6. The whipple wait

    I have red interior as well, thats why i went with the red whipple.
  7. The whipple wait

    Make sure they used rtv instead of the useless gasket at the throttle body
  8. Mirror Caps....

    They are a bitch to get off, they are not terribly expensive new.
  9. 5.0 Dyno Chart Compilation

    Heart breaker indeed, thats well below where one would expect
  10. Head temps when idle

    Seems to definitely be warmer than mine gets. I have the 170 degree thermostat and mine stays at 180 the entire time i am driving and has only creeped into 195 or so while in a busy drive through lol
  11. The whipple wait

    Wow, you guys are making my wait time seem lightning quick. I probably would have gone hellion if the wait went over 14 weeks
  12. 2018 Royal Crimson 6 speed Whipple - someone snap it up

    800+hp obviously optimistic crank hp estimate lol
  13. 18+ Engine Dress Up and Engine Cover

    Best engine dress up there is lol
  14. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Went with the craigs bracket because it mounts higher

    This thread needs some life. Washed up my girl.
  16. Dressed up engine bays

    Cleaned up and looking wonderful