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  1. Can someone help me identify what this is?

    Hey, So I'm having trouble figuring out what's happening in these photos which is making googling a fix quite difficult. It's happening at the front of the car on the lip in front of the hood thats apart of the front bumper. I've tried clay bar and machine polishing with an all in one...
  2. Fuse slots in the fuse taps for hardwiring a dashcam

    So I bought a f800 pro and Im going to try to hardwire it. I bought these fuse taps from blackboxmycar and when they came I noticed there was 2 fuse slots on the fuse taps and it came with 20amp fuses but I'm not sure why. Do I need to use both of those slots? If so, Does it matter which fuse...
  3. Coupler adapter for upr dvcc ecoboost mustang

    I bought the UPR DVCC for my ecoboost mustang awhile ago with the coupler for the stock intake. I was thinking of upgrading to the air raid modular intake and was wondering if UPR sold that coupler adapter for the WOT Vacuum line seperately? And also if anyone knows what size I would need for...
  4. Different tire psi for up sizing wheel?

    For summer, I'm planning to go up a size from the oem 18s (235/50) to aftermarket 19s (275/40). Is it a different psi number from what's on the door panel or can I use the same with the 19s as I did with the 18s (32 psi)?
  5. Paint correction places in North jersey?

    Looking to fix a pretty messy bumper and hood from spirited cruises. It is just getting obliterated by rock chips. Anyone know a place? Thanks in advance
  6. Anyone have/had this oil leak?

    At first I thought it was the valve gasket but when I took it in to a dealership they said it was a leak from the front timing cover. They "fixed" it but when I took it home and out for a little spirited drive, I found this (see picture).im taking it back Monday but I was wondering if this is...
  7. Should I change my oil immediately?!

    Today I got a call from my dealer to pick up my ecoboost mustang from some warranty work I was having done. When I got home I looked at the invoice (I know I should've looked at it before I left) and saw that they filled it up with 5w20 when the manual says to use 5w30. Should I change the oil...
  8. seasonal items

    im about to order that pumpkin version h20 guard and gloss (love this product btw) how long will these items be in stock or is it until supplies last? i wish i couldve gotten the pumpkin spice limited edition box set for my friend with an STI as a gag gift but was too slow TIA!
  9. Spark plug gap for FP tune

    I'm looking into getting some denso itv22 but i found a site that pre gapped them at .026. I see some other people recommend gaps to be .028. Will .026 be alright?
  10. Ecoboost Mustangs of north jersey

    Do y'all have any recommendations for shop that know their way around our cars in the north jersey area. I live in Passaic County and fly mid traveling an hour away. Thanks!
  11. Ford Performance VS Steeda Strut Tower Brace

    Hey guys! I was thinking of getting a strut tower brace for my '17 ecoboost premium (non pp). I was curious if anyone had experience with either or both brands offering. Do I really need the cowl extension? Anyone have the upr dvcc? Have you had clearance issues? I know the gt350r version...
  12. Looking To Get FRPP tune/CAI but have questions about FMIC, charge pipes, & radiator

    i bought a '17 ecoboost premium (non-pp) back in july. I came from a 2001 honda accord v6. With that said, I LOVE driving this car. I mean I loved driving my accord and driving in general. i take cruises all the time. this mustang is so much fun but all these things you can do to it got me...
  13. Enkei Tuning Raijin-19

    does anyone know if there will be any fitment issues with the 19x9.5 Raijin-19? i like these wheels and i wanna go squared with them