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  1. How can I tell if there are TPMS sensors?

    Bought wheels and tires and the seller wasn't sure if they had TPMS sensors or not. Is there an easy way to check?
  2. Can a Crank relearn be done without a scantool?

    I have a P0306 for a random misfire cyl 6. I have changed the plug and coil and still have the code reappear. I replaced my clutch about 25,000 miles ago and have had a random misfire code come and go, but now its staying on. Can a crank relearn be done without a scan tool? I have access to an...
  3. Looking for 02 MIL harness

    Does anybody make a MIL eliminator harness for the S550? I see them for the 14 and older, but not newer. I have the defoulers coming, but I also like the idea of a plug in solution.
  4. Tire won't air up.

    I have a front tire that was losing air. About 4 pounds a day. Inspect the tire and find nothing in it. Took the valve core out and went to put in some slime until I could get around to replace the tires. Could not get any slime to go in. Made a HUGE mess on the back side of the rim. Gave up and...
  5. NGauge question

    I was given a NGauge that had tunes loaded by PBD for a 2013GT. I want to use it on my 2016GT. Who do I contact for this?
  6. When you buy.....

    Back to black, and your wife gets all excited...... then realizes its for the car...... ? Should you be concerned
  7. How to wash microfiber rags after waxing/ceramic coating

    SO I just spent 5+ hours clay baring and ceramic (Turttle wax hybrid) coating my car. When I was done, I had a decent pile of microfiber rags. It would be a shame to just throw them away. Can these be washed in the wash machine? Front load Samsung if it makes a difference.
  8. Hazy and scratched headlight repair (with pics)

    So I have a 2016 GT Premium that had the typical headlight glaze/scratches and just overall wear from the elements. It looked bad, but not enough to go buy new lights. Then I had the corrosion of the hood. Got a replacement hood and they painted it the front fenders to blend it. Now the...
  9. when you open the door to your garage, what are you greeted with?

    I had to go out to my garage tonight...and this is what I was greeted with. How about you?
  10. Getting a new hood

    So I've been noticing a small bubble on the leading site of my hood. I paid attention to it and watched for about 6 months. Finally took it to my local dealer and asked about it. They took pictures and sent them to Ford. This is a 2016 GT premium. About 3 weeks later I get a call from the dealer...
  11. I hate my Manual trans Mustang

    I hate having a manual transmission Mustang. I love driving my car and rowing the gears, but I broke my left foot and can't drive it. I've tried using my right foot to work the clutch and go, but thats so clunky, then to change gears. I haven't been able to drive it for about the last 3 weeks...
  12. Looking for a security camera

    My mother in law has a neighbor that is constantly calling the police about her dog. Everything from its barking, to aggressively menacing behavior. The dog is in house most of the times, only to be let out in the morning and evenings for bathroom purposes. The fellow neighbors do not see this...
  13. coolant cap problem.

    Went to check my coolant level the other morning and it was low. I went to remove the cap to top it off and after a couple turns, it became really tight. Turned it a bit more and it loosened up. Found this once I get everything out. Anybody else have this happen?
  14. where does this go?

    Can anybody tell me where this hose goes? It's the driver side rear wheel area. I have a code for the evap system. This hose broke a couple years ago when I lost a snow chain.
  15. Need a new clutch

    The clutch on my 2016 GT/PP/PP just let go. It has 52,000 on it so I'm pretty sure that the dealer isn't going to cover it. It let go as I was coming off the freeway and downshifted. Instead of fighting with the dealer to get a stock replacement, I'm going to swap it out myself. Looking for...
  16. On Oahu for vacation

    I've been here since Saturday and it seems like every other car is a 6th gen Mustang. At the rental agency, every other car was a Mustang convertible. Unfortunately, I there were 5 of us and luggage, so yay me, I got a Honda CR-V. Anyb else notice an over abundance of Mustangs on the island...
  17. will 275/40/19 fit?

    I am in need of new front tires. I have a pair of 275/40/19 laying around that I would like to use for the front. Will these fit on the factory 16 PP wheels with plenty of clearance?
  18. will 275/40/19 fit?

    I am in need of new front tires. I have a pair of 275/40/19 laying around that I would like to use for the front. Will these fit on the factory 16 PP wheels with plenty of clearance?
  19. I just might have to get a 2nd Mustang
  20. Help with Kia brakes (not mine)

    I am helping a co-worker out. Its her sons car, a 2008 Kia Spectra5 non-abs. As he was driving down the interstate the car became harder and harder to maintain his speed. Eventually the car was pulled over and stopped. It was towed to a shop where they said the brake fluid was contaminated with...