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  1. Southern NH Cars & Coffee

    The 1st one of the season will be at Londonderry Speedway on April 10th from 8am-10:30am according to their Facebook page. It's important to note, there is a $10 fee for this as it is helping support the Speedway and is also going to include trophy's. I plan on attending, $10 isn't much and...
  2. Question about BLIS, lane assist, et.

    Lane assist will stay shut off. BLIS, you mean the lights on the mirrors that come on? if yes, then I've not tried to shut them off so I'm of no use to you for that one. :P
  3. Question about BLIS, lane assist, et.

    Lane assist you just push the button on the end of the blinker to disable no?
  4. My poor 2010 GT :(

    She was definitely NOT a garage queen under while in my care. I participated in 2 multi-state rallies, both of which travelling from my home area (at that time) of Tallahassee. Rally Dixie: from Indianapolis, IN to Fort Walton Beach FL (1800+ miles in 5-6 days) Rally New England: Ithaca, NY to...
  5. Mach 1 Road Trip Review (1400+ miles in 3 days)

    It was purchased from Stoneham Ford and at the time they didn't have the car yet, I made the deal and then waited for the car they already had on order to arrive.
  6. My poor 2010 GT :(

    No idea what happened, but was feeling nostalgic and did a quick search on the VIN (1ZVBP8CH7A5155019) of my 2010 Mustang GT which I'd done a lot of modding to before trading it in on a 2015 Mustang GT (PP1). I traded it in out of Tallahassee, FL and it somehow made it to Abilene, TX. Not sure...
  7. Mach 1 Track Attack - October 14 - 15

    I couldn't get Oct 14-15 to work with my schedule, but I did get Oct 26-27 booked! Hope everyone going on the 14th & 15th has a great time!
  8. Anyone else go?

    Not I, anything on a weekday is harder to attend for me unfortunately unless it's within 15-20 minutes from Watertown, MA.
  9. Mach 1 Track Attack - October 14 - 15

    Nah, we're tough here :P I'm just trying to work out the logistics between work and personal commitments to see if I can make that date work. 🤞
  10. Mach 1 Track Attack - October 14 - 15

    I'm looking at that date hard right now, we'll see....
  11. PSA - Check Your Transmission Drain Plug / Lug Nuts

    I just purchased a dedicated torque wrench and will definitely be checking the lugs monthly. I probably should have checked them sooner but I've never had an issue like this with my other 2 Mustangs so it wasn't on my radar.
  12. PSA - Check Your Transmission Drain Plug / Lug Nuts

    Agreed, PDI was not done correctly in my case as the shipping blocks were also still on and I discovered them when I got home. Luckily I had less than 50 miles on the car and got them removed that same week.
  13. PSA - Check Your Transmission Drain Plug / Lug Nuts

    I had read a post on Facebook recommending folks check their manual transmission drain plugs as the person works as a Ford service manager and has seen a few Mach 1's with loose plugs, as I was taking my Mach 1 in for an oil change this morning I asked them to check mine. I was called out to...
  14. New England Ford dealers?

    I bought my Mach 1 from Stoneham Ford in March of 2021, it was a bit of a hassle (no fault of theirs really) because I was having it registered in Florida. When I 1st started asking about the car (it was on order, but almost exactly what I wanted) they said there would be a markup on it and...
  15. No Clue Shift

    Is No Lift Shift for all Mach 1's or only the HP versions?
  16. Selling Velgen VF5 20”Wheels BRAND NEW

    Wonder how well they'd fit on a new Mach 1. 🤔
  17. Southern NH Cars & Coffee

    I went to the one on May 16th and enjoyed it, huge variety of old, new, foreign, domestic, bikes, trucks, you name it. The next one for Derry is July 18th, I'll try and hit it. There's also a weekly cruise in at Target in Nashua of all places, someone told me that one has a decent turnout as...
  18. Mach 1 Owners edition pictures

    At 35% off that's still $325, I'm playing the "Nope!" card on that one. Not to mention, for that price I don't want to see the HP options, I want to see mine. For those of you with HP cars and $ to burn, go for it I guess.
  19. Ceramic coating price

    In the Boston MA. area it cost me $1995 and below is what was included: Ceramic Pro Gold (Lifetime Warranty) Chemical Decontamination/Surface Preparation One-Step Machine Polishing 4 Layers of Ceramic Pro 9H 2 Layers of Ceramic Pro Top Coat Ceramic Pro Rain (Applied to All...
  20. Who has the lowest M1 Chassis number so far?

    Mine may not be the lowest, but I think it gets a reaction when people see it.