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  1. Crash bar bolt

    I was installing a tow hook this past week and instead of just taking the nut off the back of the crash bar bolt, I tried taking the bolt out while holding the nut with a wrench. The nut is off what left of the bolt and now I need to remove what left of the crash bar bolt and replace it. Anyone...
  2. I need tow hooks

    I am looking for a front and rear tow hook. I'm happy to remove grill honeycomb up front and drill a hole behind the license in the back. What's out there?
  3. Spraying Tires for AutoX

    Hi, I just finished my 3rd AutoX with my mustang and this was my first one at a "big" event. I'm still an amateur(maybe 6-7 events run in total) and still learning the car and how to get it to do what I want. One big thing I noticed is that it seemed like everyone, except me was out of their car...