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  1. How can I tell if there are TPMS sensors?

    Bought wheels and tires and the seller wasn't sure if they had TPMS sensors or not. Is there an easy way to check?
  2. Help! I found this spring and bolt under my 2017 GT

    Ive seen springs and bolts used on exhaust before, to hold tension on like cats and stuff, that bolt looks a little short for that though.
  3. Anyone in Idaho?

    Welcome, I'm in Nampa as well.
  4. Can a Crank relearn be done without a scantool?

    I have a P0306 for a random misfire cyl 6. I have changed the plug and coil and still have the code reappear. I replaced my clutch about 25,000 miles ago and have had a random misfire code come and go, but now its staying on. Can a crank relearn be done without a scan tool? I have access to an...
  5. Looking for 02 MIL harness

    Any style in particular? I see they have some with a "screen" and others without. Does it make a difference?
  6. Looking for 02 MIL harness

    Does anybody make a MIL eliminator harness for the S550? I see them for the 14 and older, but not newer. I have the defoulers coming, but I also like the idea of a plug in solution.
  7. Cold Start Madness thread

    Anybody have longtubes, Xpipe and Basani axleback clips? waiting for my garage to open up so I can install the LTs, then Ill record it.
  8. Mustang-specific key-fob cover? Cannot find.

    Nice, but without remote start. I still play with sticks :rockon:
  9. Mustang-specific key-fob cover? Cannot find.

    Anybody know if they have these for the 15-17 models?
  10. What battery did you switch to?

    Or hes thinking that when you remote start it, if you get in it after a certain amount of time, it auto shuts off. If I physically start my 6MT and don't get back in, it shuts off after 30 minutes.
  11. Non staggered tires on staggered alloys

    The stock size for the rear is 275/40. The front stock size is 255/40.
  12. Non staggered tires on staggered alloys

    Here you go, front and rear. T car shot is with the stock 255/40/19 on front.
  13. Tire won't air up.

    I was going to, but I took out the core and let the air out and now can't get air back in to check for leaks. I plan on taking it to a shop, but closed on Sundays.
  14. Tire won't air up.

    I have a front tire that was losing air. About 4 pounds a day. Inspect the tire and find nothing in it. Took the valve core out and went to put in some slime until I could get around to replace the tires. Could not get any slime to go in. Made a HUGE mess on the back side of the rim. Gave up and...
  15. Non staggered tires on staggered alloys

    I have the same wheels and run 275/40 on all 4 with no issues.
  16. Anyone in Idaho?

    My wife has been driving her 2016 Jetta GLI since 12/15 with no plate and has yet to be stopped. Also, looks like Ill be headed to Pocatello Sunday, 11/28 to take my daughter back to school, if you happen to be around.
  17. Drop in replacement high flow air filter. Are they really worth it ?

    I went with air-raid, which is a k&n company because it was on clearance at summit racing for $140 retails for $360. if you change your filter often, then its worth getting. otherwise probably not really worth the expense.
  18. NGauge question

    I thought I read that there were still places that were, just cant remember where I saw it at.
  19. NGauge question

    I was given a NGauge that had tunes loaded by PBD for a 2013GT. I want to use it on my 2016GT. Who do I contact for this?