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  1. Mach 1 rear diffuser part number

    Hi All, Quick (hopefully quick) :) - does anybody know the part number for the rear diffuser? I would appreciate any help. My friend got hit in Poland and the dealership there can't figure out what to order - I know, they suck over there. They got him a 2015-17 diffuser... So he is waiting...
  2. Pennsylvania 2019 PP2 4700miles

    What do you guys think I could get for my 2019 PP2 with 4700 miles on it. Ceramic coated, garage kept, new AGM battery :) 401A, B&O, leather seats, digital dash etc, new PS4S tires and OEM GT500 spoiler. (which was added a month ago so some photos still are with the old PP1 spoiler I put on...
  3. Pennsylvania 2015-2021 Performance pack spoiler Magnetic Metallic

    Pulled from a 2019 with 4K miles. Ceramic coated 4 weeks ago. Not a single scratch. Asking $300. Prefer local pick up, my zip is 19462. Can meet somewhere to make it easier if you have a long drive. Or I can ship if you are willing to pay for shipping, got a nice bog box from my new spoiler :)...
  4. FordPass Remote start on a manual PP2?

    Maybe someone can tell me, why does my FordPass app have a remote start option for my PP2? As you know, it is a manual and I never had this option before... And yes, my car is linked to it. Anybody else has this option just added? Is this by accident?
  5. Pennsylvania WTB GT500/GT350 spoiler

    Looking for a GT500/GT350 spoiler.
  6. Pennsylvania WTB OEM Wheels

    Looking for OEM wheels, 18-19 and 20 inch. Show me what you got. Willing to drive a few hours if the deal is good. My location, 19462. Thanks!
  7. Show me your garage ideas

    Hi everyone! I am looking to buy a new house soon and this time with a big garage (I don't need a big living room, just a big garage :D ) So I was wondering if you have any ideas and photos that I can take a look. Ultimately I want to have a spot for the and a glass wall dividing the...
  8. Pennsylvania SOLD! PP1 Wheels Michelin PS4S

    I have a set of nice wheels, no curb rash, minor scratches (normal use) Front tires have lots of life left, rears are about 70%. Full wheels with TPMS. Price $900. Prefer local pickup but can drive and meet up. Located near Philly.
  9. 2019 PP2 squeaking noise coming from the back

    So, after it got warm outside, my car has a squeaking coming from the back. I can open the trunk, push it down and you can hear a loud squeak, while driving you can hear it on almost any small bump/ Anybody had this issue before? Going for the first oil change on Monday so I'll tell them to...
  10. If you're looking for a new 2019 Bullit

    If you're looking for a new 2019 Bullit check Koons Baltimore.They dropped the price to 42K. I was supposed to buy it but I got a new PP2 from them. And no, I am not sponsored by them, just had a really good experience there and I know people are looking for Bullit's :)
  11. Rovos Joburg 20x8.5 and 20x10 Gunmetal

    New in boxes. Link to AM: Trade my 2015 for a PP2 so don't need these wheels anymore. New run $399 a piece, selling for $250 $1000 or make an offer.