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  1. Ride difference between Stock and 285/35/19

    I'm finally gonna upgrade my wheels and tires. Wheels will be 19x10, Tires 285/35/19. I'm lowered on Steeda Progressives with Steeda Active shock/struts. What kind of ride should I expect going from stock?
  2. Steeda Mustang Rear Camber Adjustment Kit (555-4126)

    Has anyone installed this kit? Does it maker camber adjustment easier?
  3. Mustang 6G Forum code for American Muscle

    Can I get the 6G forum discount code for America Muscle?
  4. 19" wheel and finish suggestions for my Black 2015 Ecoboost

    I should have put this to the group long ago...
  5. How do you fix tears/cracks in the leather seats?

    After three years, my 2015 Ecoboost has developed tears in the driver's seat...Help!
  6. Steeda S550 Mustang Adjustable Bumpstop Kit

    TJ, I've got a 2015 Ecoboost lowered with Steeda Progressive Springs (555-8212) The Product install instructions on your website say: For Steeda Springs 555-8208, 555-8209. 555-8210, and (555-8212) : Both are to be used at FULL height. Your product instructions (PDF) on the American...
  7. can someone Photoshop these wheels to a 2015-16?...I'm desperate to get a visual!.

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