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  1. Clicking in the rear wheels GT350

    had that same sound in my left rear. Finally got the dealership to replace the hub assembly. Noise has been gone since, about 400 miles.
  2. Dashcam

    Of course I took the bait and went after the easy to access bolt. I'll look around some more for this other bolt. If my local autoparts store could hurry up and stock an ATR type fuse tap that would help speed this up.
  3. Dashcam

    I bought a Thinkware FA200 with hardwiring kit. The cigarette adapter was an extra $40 that I didn't spring for. I bought an ATR type fuse tap from autozone and crimped it to the yellow acc power cable via butt splice. I've installed the ground wire to the closest bolt i could find in the...
  4. Dashcam

    Do you need the constant power if you don't plan on using parking mode?
  5. Connecticut 19x11 Forgestar C5 wheels and tires

    still available? ship to AZ 85635?
  6. What autocross class(es) for a 2019 GT PP2?

    You can run 305 tires on all 4 corners, that's what I do on my shelby with 10.5 and 11" factory rims. I left BS behind so I could run camber to prolong my tires on track and during autocross.
  7. Looking for other GT350 Owners in Arizona

    The big HPDE groups are: NASA AZ Region Proautosports BMWCCA PCA For autocross: AZ Solo AZ Border Region SCCA Sierra Sports Car Club(the club im in down in Sierra Vista) For any events at Arizona Motorsports Park in Litchfield, you'll need to do some work to pass sound(grimmspeed...
  8. Clicking sound while turning right

    Hey man, I'm just relaying what worked to remedy the noise that my car was making.
  9. Ticking/tapping Noise HPDE on RH Turns

    It sounds crazy, but try moving your lug nuts from one side to the other and see if the noise moves or goes away.
  10. Clicking sound while turning right

    Took my car to the dealer for a similar sound. They first thought it was the center caps. A week later I brought it back because the noise was back, and worse. This time they swapped LR lug nuts to LF and the sound went away so they ordered 20 new lug nuts. I guess the 2 piece lug nuts are...
  11. Ticking/tapping Noise HPDE on RH Turns

    My gt350 was making a similar noise, originally only on left turns, then developed to right turns also, then developed into left/right/straight. The dealer moved the lugs front to back and it went away so they ordered 20 new lug nuts and the problem has not resurfaced since.
  12. Please educate me on a track helmet

    check out Conquer helmets on amazon. lighter than motorcycle helmets, affordable, and carry the necessary snell certification.
  13. What diff fluid are you running for HPDE ?

    That heat is from the cats . The trans doesn't get hot like the diff does.
  14. School me on CAM-C autocross.

    Do you care about competitive CAMC or just casual CAMC? Comp is $5k coils with $2k wheels and the fattest 71R you can fit on your "hopefully" modified fenders. Its also an a FBO($3k) or blown motor($7k), with attention paid to front and rear aero. Casual is camber plates and maybe sway bars...
  15. Where are your next events?

    After your second DNF or CD, you should've and should, ask for someone to ride with you to help you clear the elements.
  16. First track day. Comments / Feedback? (AMA)

    Which is exactly the type of thing first time track drivers will do
  17. Alternative Tires for GT350

    I am running 305/30/19 hankook rs4 on all four corners of my stock gt350 wheels. there's no problem running these, the speedo is 5% off. so I have to do 51 now to do 50, 62 to do 60, 73 to do 70 and 84 to do 80 mph. the wheel gap with the fender is a little larger now but I track and autocross...
  18. Engine Strut Bar?

    I ordered a 17 GT w pp back in 2016 and mine came from the factory with a california special strut brace. I think these "mistakes" are decently commonplace.
  19. HPDE Suspension thoughts

    It will work, but you wont be getting the correct amount of pressure for the larger calipers. It won't put you through a guard rail, but the engineers put a larger MC on the PP for a reason.
  20. HPDE Suspension thoughts

    And the master cylinder to drive those front calipers.