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  1. Best Harness For Roll Cage On 350R

    So I pulled the trigger on a Watson Roll Cage and I'm wondering what the best 4-point harness is for that application. Most of them I see attach the arm straps to the rear seat belt attachments. The rear seat delete somewhat prevents this. Just curious what you all think the best application...
  2. FRPP Tow Hooks

    Got the front and rear FRPP tow hooks installed yesterday on the ‘19 R. Not a fan of the cheaper ones or the ZL1 ones because they aren’t centered. You’ll be towing the car at an angle. I know they can be installed centered but all you ever see are them being installed in front of the passenger...
  3. Winter Wheel/Tire Options For GT350R?

    Looking for advice on winter wheel/tire options for my R. I’d like to protect the carbon fiber wheels and throw on some winter wheels/tires so I can rip in temps below 40. Any advice would be appreciated.