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  1. Pinion bearing losing pre-load. Only after making a couple passes..... Strange. 3rd time.

    A buddy has a 2019GT 10R80/3.55 setup. 10.10 @ 136 car. His setup keeps losing enough pinion pre-load, that it HOWLs bad after making a couple passes (1.5's) at the dragstrip. This last time, he put a brand new loaded differential in. Drove it for 3 weeks and put 700 miles on it. It...
  2. New Hampshire ID1000 injectors.

    Selling a set of ID1000 injectors. Only used for 4 months in 2017. They haven’t seen Ethanol or pump gas. Clean unleaded race fuel only. Less than 300 miles on them. Priced to sell at $575 SHIPPED to lower 48 only. PayPal accepted and preferred.
  3. New Hampshire Procharger Big Red bypass/blow off. NEW

    Brand new Procharger Big Red Bypass/Blow off valve. Closed design type. Never used. $350 shipped to lower 48 only.
  4. New Hampshire Circle D 258mm 10R80 Converter 3400-3600 stall. $1350!!

    258mm Circle D converter for 10R80 built for NA/Centrifugal setup. Ordered through PBD. Converter has 1400 miles on it, and only 4 drag passes on it. 3400-3600 stall. Pulled out today. Ready to ship with no core charge and no 4-6 week wait time. Shipping to lower 48 states only. Price...
  5. New Hampshire Looking for SCT X4 cheap (data logging only)

    Anyone have an SCT X4? Married or unmarried. Just using it for data logging. (For a friend).
  6. New Hampshire WTB: '15-17 5.0 6R80 with under 70K.

    As title states.. Looking for a good working 6R80 from a 2015-17 GT.
  7. Thoughts about E85 eventually going away?

    Over the last 10 years, hundreds of E85 pumps have been removed/closed. In the upper North East, we literally have 4 locations within a 4 state area. Since the Flex fuel vehicle fad died off about 5-8 years ago, I myself can't see stations keeping it on hand unless it's just in the...
  8. Reputable install shops near Bradenton? (For a Whipple system on 2018 6.2 Yukon Denali)

    My cousin is looking for reputable shops to purchase/install a Whipple system on his 2018 Denali 6.2L SUV. Got a few to mention here?
  9. New Hampshire ZPE Griptec VMP 2.3/2.65L 2.80” pulley.

    Only a few Dyno pulls on it. Griptec 2.80” (69-70mm). For Roush 2.3, VMP 2.3/2.65L. NOT for Roush 2.65L. STD 6 bolt pattern for snout. Zero belt slip with 6 rib at 18-19psi @ 7900. $130 shipped anywhere in the CON USA only…….. Also have a 3.20” (82mm) for sale.
  10. New Hampshire 11-21’ VMP PNP Pump booster.

    2011-2021’ VMP BAP with plug n play harness. 100% functional. $230 shipped to CON USA only….
  11. Looking for a stock 15-17’ GT stock cat back exhaust system.

    Anyone have a take off (cat-back) 2015-17 GT stock exhaust assembly?
  12. GT350 axles on order. Stock finally broke!

    Was on my way to breaking my previous cold weather, cruising tire pressure (27psi) best 0-60. Asphalt was finally up to 95° yesterday. I aired the Mickeys down to 17psi, drove to my testing grounds and launched off the foot brake at 2100rpm. Well, it dead hooked and catapulted hard up to 4700...
  13. 6R80 starts to shift too early after 10 minutes of logging/etc

    Weird issue. New tune in the car. Logs look great. Tune was a base file, so it wasn’t actually calibrated based on logs etc, but it’s spot on from driveability and performance (I think it’s based off my 100 octane tune, just with less global timing). I can take the car out after a 3-4...
  14. New Hampshire Grip-Tec 69mm TVS pulley

    Like new Grip-Tec 69mm TVS pulley. Made 762whp @ 12.5- 13psi with stock Gen 2 lower. $140 shipped Con USA only. PayPal accepted and preferred.
  15. New Hampshire OEM GT500 60mm T/B

    60MM GT500 T/B. Excellent working condition. Ready to ship. $90.00 shipped to Con USA only. PayPal accepted and preferred.
  16. New Hampshire Roush TVS 2300 head unit

    Excellent condition series 2 Ford/Roush TVS 2.3L head unit with less than 10K miles. For 15-17 Gen 2 and others when applicable. Made 762whp @ 13psi with a 69mm pulley. Packed and ready to ship. Elbow included. $1500.00 SHIPPED UPS Ground. Con USA only.......
  17. Gen3R belt size with 3.20”/82mm pulley

    Anyone know what belt size? I run the stock crank pulley and 75mm idler.
  18. New Hampshire Kooks Non-catted connectors. #11513100. Anyone Have a set??? ASAP......

    Looking for Kooks #11513100 Non-catted connectors.
  19. New Hampshire TVS 2300 pullies. 72mm. 75mm.

    Like new TVS 2300 pullies. Griptec 75mm. Maybe 50 miles on it! $140.00 SHIPPED. 10-10.5psi. VMP 72mm. 12-12.5psi Excellent condition. $85.00 SHIPPED. CON USA ONLY. PayPal preferred.
  20. DW 400 fuel pump. What a beast. Impressed.

    Factory pump died last week. 18V BAP probably took some life out of it. Wanted to try a DW 400 and see if it would feed 700+whp without a BAP. It sure did. Lambda/STFT’s looking great all the way up to 7800rpm. I did remove the Anti-drainback check valve out of the top DW 400, because it...