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  1. Mustangs At Daytona

    Anyone planning to attend the Mustangs at Daytona, week of July 11th?
  2. 2019 McQueen Bullitt

    Off the hook....oh and add the fees.
  3. Lowering 2020 Bullitt

    Been thinking of having Steeda lower the Bullitt suspension for a better look. I want to make sure anything I may do doesn't affect the Magna ride suspension. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions?? Initially when I bought the car a year ago, I planned to stay away from the rabbit hole of any...
  4. BOLO FHP White Stang Spotted

    Soooo, this past Saturday, Jan 29th around 9:30 am I was headed north on I 95 in WPB. Just before the Belvedere RD exit, there was a white Mustang with tinted windows and lights flashing on the left shoulder (FHP officer out of the car), had a European car pulled over. I had heard something...
  5. West Palm Beach Cars and Coffee

    A few of us drove up to WPB this morning EARLY, probably over 300+ cars to see. There was everything imaginable from McLarens to Ferrari's to lots of Mustangs, check out the link to a few pics.
  6. Rotating tires side to side

    Any thoughts on rotating the tires from side to side? Ford service is stating not needed. At 11,800 miles there are no visual wear issues seen.
  7. What did you do to your Bullitt today?

    Took a PTO day to give L3483 an early weekend bath. Have used the BLO AIR-S three times now, can dry the entire car in less than 10 minutes. With the recent PPL and Ceramic Coating washing is a breeze but still do it once a week. Ive logged 8k miles in less than 6 months and each mile is better...
  8. South Florida meet up

    Hey So Fla Stang owners, lets do a meet up or something. I know there are a bunch of us with really cool cars and great car stories. I would coordinate the day.Been attending some local events but normally small numbers if Mustangs.