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  1. Steeda Clutch Spring - Better?

    Has anyone installed the Steeda Clutch Spring on their 21 Mach 1? Is it better, worse? same?
  2. Mach 1 Steering Wheel Badge

    Check out the steering wheel at 5:29, with better view of it at 10:27 . Thoughts?
  3. Michelin Sport 4s question

    hi gang, I am looking to order some Michelin Sport 4S for the Mach 1 soon, but they do not have 315's for the rear as of yet. I believe I saw someone say 325 will fit rear as well? Please can someone confirm?

  5. My Silver HP Mach 1 has arrived !

    First photo from my sales rep, more to come. Just off the truck, so not all finished yet with added splitter and front tire moldings. Absolutely love how the wheels turned out.
  6. Handling Package added correctly to order ?

    hi gang, wondering from all you others who ordered with the HP, can you see it on your order when you track? When I look at mine on the Ford Vehicle Order tracking, doesn't appear to have it. I've asked dealer to double check, and they say it's on there, but I'm not so sure? Since the code...