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  1. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Looked at the thread really quick and thought it said “ Why didn’t you buy a Camry?” 😂 🤷‍♂️
  2. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Mik & his hat 🎩
  3. How many of us men without hair own S550s?

    I guess I’m the polar opposite of most of y’all... full on Afro here. Got one crappy hair cut during the lock down and said screw it... It’s mildly out of control but I love it, hahaha
  4. Malibu Autobahn Midnight Cruise 7/2

    Incase anyone is interested. Friday 7/2 8-10pm
  5. Automatic or Manual

    Oh I’m sure it’s super fun! It’s almost go kart status. Haha. The person that said that to me is always crying if he doesn’t get all the attention. And he is Mister Foreign... I refuse to drive anything American... So hence the snarky response he got from me :crackup:
  6. Automatic or Manual

    Well I was going for the carnitas... Got back to the office and told my co-workers the story. “ that sorta stuff never happens to me!” -Co worker “well cause you drive a mini” -me 🤷‍♂️
  7. Best driving roads for a Mustang in your state?

    There is plenty of PCH you want to skip as well.
  8. Best driving roads for a Mustang in your state?

    In SoCal there isn’t any road much better than Angeles Crest. Even if you don’t know of it, you have seen it in movies, commercials and youtube reviews of your favorite cars.
  9. Automatic or Manual

    After the spat wit the homeless person she drove off and out of my life forever :crackup: Like dam how you gonna yell that shit then just leave..
  10. Automatic or Manual

    Driving into and around LA all day every day, you see some crazy shit.
  11. Automatic or Manual

    Traffic friends... nothing makes me happier.. :blush: Doesn’t matter if it’s the Stang your speeding down the freeway with or The chick wit the neck tattoos in the Chevy TrailBlazer that LOVES your car asks for a lighter and proceeds to follow you into the parking lot and get into an...
  12. Automatic or Manual

    Now that everyone is coming back to the office, I am trying to spend as much time at the transmitter sites as possible 😁
  13. Automatic or Manual

    Dam that’s crazy... I handle the FM transmitter sites and all that BS that comes along with it and am the default CAT6 & CoAxel cable guy... because the other guys cable management sucks.. and I oddly find peace in it.
  14. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    They just put it on everything now.. so they can be like “told ya so!”
  15. Automatic or Manual

    Engineering.... I work in broadcast... so I make sure the station is there when you turn your radio on. ( I have no say over content! Just make it work)
  16. Automatic or Manual

    I know the struggles, I work in a dept that no one understands and assumes I’m IT...
  17. Automatic or Manual

    Hey Mik I forgot my password
  18. Automatic or Manual

    The only thing I race is my GPS ETA.... the other day it said 2 hours up to Mt Wilson... I made it in 1.5... 🏁 chicken dinner