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  1. cars and coffee Manhattan beach

    anyone down to chill at a local socal c&c? it is held the last saturday of every month at "the point" El Segundo from 8-10. Its mostly exotics and corvettes but there is a few normal cars around, haha
  2. MT82 vs MT82 D4 shifting feel and effort

    Hey everyone, I currently own a 2017 PP GT, had it for about a year and a half now. Today I decided to head to a local dealer to test out a 19 base non PP manual they had on hand. 1st impression is the D4 felt so much lighter and shifted effortlessly compared to my 2017, which has a much...
  3. Recommendations of Bodyshops in LA to do some paint work

    Hey Socal people, I need to eventually do some paint repairs on my 2017, anyone have good recomedations on some reputable bodyshops to work with in our area? I am fine with splurging to do a proper job and not a macco special, as I think the original owner/dealer did. Thank you!
  4. Roof on s550 is going opaque, do I have a wrap or painted roof?

    TLDR: So my roof started fading and cracking, based on the pictures posted, can you help me determine if this is a painted or wrapped roof? I got the car preowned so I have no idea how the roof was done up. Trying to figure out the course of action. Hey all, new here, anyways, I purchased a...