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  1. cars and coffee Manhattan beach

    anyone down to chill at a local socal c&c? it is held the last saturday of every month at "the point" El Segundo from 8-10. Its mostly exotics and corvettes but there is a few normal cars around, haha
  2. Mustang market

    The market might not stabilize for a while. Gone are the days where you can get a lightly used car for 10K off new. Just to put things in perspective. I got my 2017 GT base PP a month before the shutdown. Car cost me 27K before fees with CPO and under 20K miles. Same car can be sold for easily...
  3. MT82 vs MT82 D4 shifting feel and effort

    I sometimes feel like the PP gearing is a tad short for highway cursing. 5th is too short, 6th can be a tad longer. 6th is almost useless for city cursing. The non PP 15-17 probably has the best ratio spread. I did notice when I was test driving the 19 non PP that I never needed higher than 4th...
  4. MT82 vs MT82 D4 shifting feel and effort

    I did some experimenting with shifting techniques. I have been double clutching it to upshift, doing so has almost gotten rid of the resistance going into all gears other than 2nd which will still nibble, but noticeably less, maybe the syncros are indeed not in the greatest shape. I wonder if...
  5. MT82 vs MT82 D4 shifting feel and effort

    Hey everyone, I currently own a 2017 PP GT, had it for about a year and a half now. Today I decided to head to a local dealer to test out a 19 base non PP manual they had on hand. 1st impression is the D4 felt so much lighter and shifted effortlessly compared to my 2017, which has a much...
  6. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    I am looking at a local dealer inventory and they are selling a used 2020 GT premium with 8K ish miles for 46K, the sticker price for it was 43K new, its crazy times. I also did another vroom apprisal for giggles and its dropped quite a bit. it was well above 30K, now its under 30K.
  7. Recommendations of Bodyshops in LA to do some paint work

    I am located in the south bay area
  8. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    34K for my 2017 base PP1 with about 21.5K miles. I got it as a CPO for well under 30K before taxes right before covid hit. Now can I wait for the prices to drop down again to buy another? The inventory here in California is non existent, and buying preowned defeats the purpose lol
  9. I sold my Bullitt to Vroom for $48,681 !!!

    the used market in general is crazy. the KBB trade in value for my 17 GT PP is 33-37K, that is MSRP value for a 4 year old car. Its tempting to trade it in, but in return there is like nothing in stock and another used one is just gonna cost as high. Maybe sell, wait for the market to calm down...
  10. Selling 10 speed for 6 speed manual

    I bought a 17 GT PP Manual with next to no experience driving manual. I literally just asked a friend to let me crash course his Civic Si for a few hours in the morning and off I went to purchase the car in the afternoon. There was some regrets and 2nd thoughts in the beginning when I was...
  11. Who will trade their S550 up for an S650 just because it’s new?

    Gotta see what Ford has to offer before I decide. If its a good looking design that is not overweight, and I can option a coyote with a DCT, and its not too terribly expensive, it will be a viable to upgrade. If it ends up not that great then a 18+ s550 GT with at least PP1 and AE is the end game.
  12. Recommendations of Bodyshops in LA to do some paint work

    Hey Socal people, I need to eventually do some paint repairs on my 2017, anyone have good recomedations on some reputable bodyshops to work with in our area? I am fine with splurging to do a proper job and not a macco special, as I think the original owner/dealer did. Thank you!
  13. I hate people who think they are special

    when I got my daily brand new, not even a week of owning it a careless mom parked next to my car. seeing the condition of that car I knew it was trouble. I was still in the car waiting for someone when she just lets the door fly. it hit hard enough that I was able to hear the kids gasp with my...
  14. Per Ford (officially) the 2011-2019 F150/Mustang 5.0 “Typewriter Tick” is a normal characteristic

    Mine did it after I got an oil change, it went away after putting in a few hundred miles. i picked up mine used, it had 19K on it, it very likely ticked previously. Something about fresh oil makes it tick I guess.
  15. How many of you have NEVER owned a Mustang previously?

    If you are counting 1:1 scale, then yes, 1st one I picked up just over a year ago as a CPO. Ever since playing midtown madness (old pc game) I became obsessed with mustangs. Collected many models growing up until now and still do, it just includes a 1:1 scale model now, haha. I felt it was a...
  16. No driving a manual does not make you smarter, more skilled, a better driver or more of a car guy.

    I have both, I drove auto only until I got my mt82 mustang last year. Both have its good and bads, all down to preference. When I first got the mustang I was having second thoughts as I was learning how to drive a manual. It took me months to get decent enough at it to start enjoying it. I daily...
  17. Carbonized gray GT just arrived at dealer!

    Not a Mustang but here is comparison video of CG vs Magnetic on a Explorer. Magnetic is quite a bit darker than CG. I personally like Magnetic better, but CG is also growing on me.
  18. Is the Performance Package worthwhile?

    PP1 is just no longer a good deal, what was once a $2500 package became a $4000 one, which was still not that terrible, then it was 5000, is now $6200, almost what PP2 cost. You can pretty much source most PP1 goodies from the ford racing catalog if you want bits and pieces.
  19. Angeles Crest Spring Run

    Although weekdays can work, I would much rather do a weekend run, I will confirm later if I can come or not.
  20. Buy brand new GT or Mach or buy 1-2 years old

    yea the used market sucks right now. I got my 2017 right before all the shutdown happened. You cannot find a 2018+ GT for under 30K. At the height of the pandemic the KBB trade in value was over 3k more than my purchase price. Even today if you wanted to buy a used one like mine for the same...