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  1. PP2 Registry

    Cj Pony Parts has a video how to do it, have to pull the top mounts of the radiator off and push it backwards and squeeze your hand in there, I couldn't get my arm in there far enough to install the new nuts on the back. (I bought the actual Ford pony, so no double-sided tape.) When I tried it...
  2. PP2 Registry

    Same as any other Mustang with the black appearance package. Emblems, wheels, roof. The only thing the PP2 doesn't need is the black spoiler. I kind of created my own black appearance package on my PP2. Removed the side chrome 5.0 emblems and replaced with black ones, swapped out the rear...
  3. PP2 Registry

    Spoilers are different. PP2 spoiler is slightly wider and a little different shaped compared to the standard spoiler. PP2 does share the same spoiler as the base Mach 1, just different colors. Standard spoilers are usually color matched to the car unless the car has the black appearance package...
  4. Larger Wheels and Tires for Mach 1

    If you want a 325/30R19 on a 11.5" wide wheel in the back, you will want around a 56mm offset, should fit no issues. I am running a 315/30R19, 19x11, 52 mm offset square setup on my 2020 GT PP2. Front I have ARP extended studs and a 25 mm spacer, no issues, plenty of clearance. My car is...
  5. Borla / Ford Racing interchangeable? Parts compatibility question

    I used the Borla 60561 in place of the x pipe on my Ford Performance exhaust on my old 2017 GT. Fit just fine, but it did quiet it down quite a bit, to much for me, so I put the x pipe back on. Sold the car two years ago, but still have the Borla resonator sitting in my garage. To bad you are in...
  6. Salesman told me I don't need to do a service @ 1600 Miles

    The owners manual has a maintenance schedule in it, follow it. As long as you follow it and document it, there should be no warranty issues. I did my first oil change on my 2020 GT at around 2,200 miles, or about 9 months of ownership. Just did the second oil change at almost exactly one year...
  7. 2021 GT Mystery Axle

    I noticed Ford Perfomance lists their M-1104-AB hub kit for 2015-2019 Mustangs. I wonder if starting in 2020 Ford just used the Magneride style hub on everything and discontinued the old spindle mount style. I have a 2020 GT and it is has the same hub as yours, but I also have Magneride. Doug
  8. 2021 GT Mystery Axle

    No mystery, assuming your car has Magneride, because that is a Magneride hub. Non-Magneride cars use the hub with the center spindle mount. Doug
  9. Buyer beware…Steeda CANADA

    Figured that out now due to others, but the OP never mentioned Canada, he just said Steeda. Doug
  10. My car sure does "ping" a lot

    My 2020 GT with 4,200 miles has a slight rattle also when around 2,500 rpm in any gear, roll into the throttle and it rattles for just a half second then goes away. I guess it could be described as a ping, but I really don't think it is detonation, always sounds like it is coming from underneath...
  11. Buyer beware…Steeda CANADA

    Just looked around on Steeda's website and I didn't get any pop ups. Tried looking at in stock parts and out of stock and didn't see anything about no refunds. Where exactly is this policy? Doug
  12. Wow What a Difference of Opinion I see about wheel width! Opinions please read!

    I would say go with LMR's recommendations over Tire Rack, LMR has this figured out. Tire Rack will just recommend oem fitments or close to them. 285/35r19 on a 35 offer wheels is very popular because it works. I am running 315/30r19 tires on 19x11, 52 offset wheels on all corners of my 2020 GT...
  13. Need help with pp1 spoiler

    The only spoilers that have different bolt patterns are the GT350R, carbon fiber GT500, and the California Special. The rest are all the same. Doug
  14. Ordered Gorilla lugnuts for my Forgestars

    Doesn’t appear that two different lengths are “needed”, op is just doing this for aesthetics I believe. My oem PP2 wheels were the same, rear lugs would stick out further then the fronts in relation to the face of the center cap. I actually prefer the way the shorter lugs look both front and...
  15. Pick One:. Active Exhaust or Magneride

    For me, there is no pick one, both are required. But if I HAD to chose one, it would be magnetite. Can't add magnetite after the fact, but there is an aftermarket solution for active exhaust. Doug
  16. Motor Oil Shortage?

    Local Walmart has been this way for the last 6 months or so, oil isle is empty. Autozone is in the same shopping center and they are fully stocked, just have to pay a bit more. Same with the O’Reily’s a mile down the road. “Oil shortage” only appears to be impacting Walmart. Doug
  17. I thought manual trans didn't come with adaptive cruise, but I guess it does

    Yep, my 2020 GT manual has adaptive cruise. Doug
  18. GT350R brakes on a PP2/M1 HP?

    Just out of curiosity, why would non magneride knuckles work? If the caliper is hitting the barrel of the wheel, that is a function of the overall diameter of the brake package itself. Since the dimension is based on the rotor diameter and the caliper has to sit on the rotor at a certain...
  19. Anyone else not get active exhaust?

    I have had my GT for a year and a half and I use the exhaust modes every time I drive the car. Set it according to my mood! I also have quiet mode set from 9 pm to 8 am, but sometimes I switch to it quiet in the middle of the day. As someone else mentioned, Roush sells a system if you feel you...
  20. SVE SP2 wheels

    I had a 255/40r19 mounted on a 19x10” wheel. (Didn’t get to mount it on the car, long story.) I didn’t think it looked that stretched at all. Still had rubber beyond the wheel for some curb protection. Probably depends on the exact tire you are using, since not all 255/40’s are the same. Doug