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  1. NT555RII vs summers vs F1 supercar 3

    In a bit of a dilemma here. Stock wheels, P1X, 6mt, 600 whp. I do a lot of grand touring with the car (just got back from a 1200 mile trip) on highway and twisties, and might do an HPDE this year (just going for fun, not going to be pushing the car to the limit). So I'm leaning away from...
  2. Arizona WTB: VMP/Fuel+ BAP

    wanting to buy plug and play VMP/Fuel+ BAP
  3. AZ - X pipe

    Corsa X pipe - $450
  4. Arizona Corsa X pipe

    Double helix X pipe with adapters for stock exhaust. $300 - I’m in flag but will meet a reasonable distance. I have no idea what these are worth so reasonable offers will be considered.
  5. 18+ stage 2 Procharger Belt sizes

    I looked for this, but couldn't find it on the site. Procharger tech help was kind enough to pass it on. This is for the 18-current stage 2 (7.65" crank pulley) 3.55-3.9 - 645 4-4.13 - 653 4.25-4.5 655 4.63 - 660 Hopefully this helps someone in the future.
  6. compensating for altitude - what pulley for 5000 feet?

    My P1X was tuned down in phoenix (about 1000 feet altitude) on a 4.63 pulley, made 8-9 lbs. The log was beautiful, timing advance the whole time, no kr. Rail pressure and lift pump pressure rock solid. I actually live in flagstaff which is 7,000 feet and rarely venture below 5,000 feet. I want...
  7. mag ride hub part numbers

    Having trouble figuring out wheel hub part numbers. Rockauto and other online part stores seem to have this all goofed up. I have a mag ride bullitt and my right front wheel bearing is bad, trying to replace it. My front hub says FR3V-2C299-BC I've come to the conclusion of this Hub 395 -...
  8. Mango's Black Bullitt

    April 2021 I picked up this lovely Bullitt, hair over 30k miles at purchase. Was actually looking for a PP1 or PP2 GT with mag ride, but this Bullitt had almost every option available on a premuim. 12 speaker B&O, digital dash, PP1 package, active exhaust, and mag ride. Plus the Gt350...
  9. Another stage 2 P1X build in the books - time to wastegate?

    I've been lurking the forums and figured it's time to introduce myself. I've had my Bullitt about 6 months now. Was looking for a PP1 or PP2 but the Bullitt was actually the best deal I could find at the time. She has some miles, 40k now. Baselined 428 whp. Added a Stage 2 P1X (biggest pulley)...