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  1. Driving Light Lesson for Mach 1

    Is the NEW Dodge Challenger Jailbreak the LAST great Muscle Car to BUY? - YouTube Can we get grill lights like this???
  2. Mach1 Grill Plate from solid to meshed for air flow

    Hi, I spoke with Pilotgore (he came up with the idea for the Mach1 oil funnel kit) about potentially replicating the solid grill plates (where driving lights could be installed) with holes in them for additional airflow. I believe he would design a new set of plates, then on-demand 3D print and...
  3. Front License Plate Solution

    Can folks share info and maybe a pic (black out tag) of the solution you've found to mount a front tag on the Mach1? I live is a state that requires a front plate. I'm looking at: - The sto-n-go. Does it clear the splitter? Is there air flow issues? - The Grimmspeed mount that uses the tow bar...
  4. Steeda Mach1 Suspension Mods

    Hi, There is no shortage of suspension parts offered for the S550 and I have a few questions... Which ones are not required as they are addressed in the Mach1? Which ones are should be investigated for the Mach1? Which ones require an alignment check post install? Ultimate Street Kit. 555-2129...
  5. MGW Shifter for Mach1

    It's Here!! | MGW TR-3160 Gen-2 Shifter | Mach 1 & GT350 - YouTube
  6. Coyote Engine - Everything wrong with it turns into a pretty darn good review

    REVIEW: Everything Wrong With A 5.0 Coyote Engine - YouTube Thought I'd start a thread on this. Sorry, still waiting for my 2022! Some things in this video that got my attention. - At 4:18 the generation chart. - At 4:20 Gen1 connecting rod bearing issue (only major issue) resolved in...
  7. 4 Piston Brembo Rear Brake Upgrade

    Does anyone know if a rear kit exists for the M1? This would be one of the first upgrades I would want to do. Disappointed that this wasn't included in the car.
  8. Mach 1 Mustang and the 2SS 1LE Camaro

    I know lot of Mustang folks here so likely some bias, but has anyone considered these head to head for the street? Drove the Camaro and thought I wouldn't like it. It performed well. The alpha chassis has a lot of aluminum and just seems more engineered and modern. The the ride and...