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  1. Exhaust Question

    On startup it will tell you on startup exhaust selection not available or something, goes away in a couple seconds. Doesn't come back, even when I cycle through different modes.
  2. 19 GT Reliability with Procharger P1X HO Kit

    If you have an RTD that's great. Set up VCM suite on a laptop Any of the pros will tune with the RTD - wengerd, pbd, lund.
  3. Order new or buy used (how used)

    I would spec one out and order from granger. They’re doing under invoice.
  4. Low Fuel Pressure (WOT ONLY)

    The fuel filter isn't serviceable. It's part of the pump assembly. The line off the fuel pump goes to the filter within the assembly. If it's clogged, it can cause problems too. Might be correlated to your oem pump failing.
  5. Breathers , catch can or?

    I was going to mickey mouse my own OCC together using this and Under vacuum, the...
  6. Low Fuel Pressure (WOT ONLY)

    what is keeping the dw400 from bottoming out in the bucket, smooshing the sock, and causing a decrease in flow to the pump? That could cause what you're seeing. I just looked at a bunch of install videos and directions, everyone is just ram rodding the pump in there and hoping frictions stops...
  7. Low Fuel Pressure (WOT ONLY)

    my only guess from here would be an issue with wiring to the fpdm or to the pump. Checking voltage at the FPDM is easy enough. Not sure how you'd check pump voltage at WOT though. I would probably start there to rule that out
  8. Tuning options

    I've yet to find reputable people that tune on MPVI2. Over on HPT forums you'll find a couple people that do unlocked tunes, but I haven't heard good things about many of them.
  9. 19 GT Reliability with Procharger P1X HO Kit

    If it's triggered on by boost or maf voltage, I don't think it would react quick enough. There's nothing stopping it immediately with the fuel cut. If it were triggered by IDC which certain AEM controllers can do, then maybe it could. I haven't heard of it happening on an S550 (haven't really...
  10. Cordless Impact driver

    Weird how when this nut torqued to 200 ft lbs on a stud, breakaway is 150. 03:45 to explain further pitched threads act like an inclined plane - tightening is "uphill" and loosening is "downhill" so it's generally significantly less. Unless there's corrosion involved.
  11. 19 GT Reliability with Procharger P1X HO Kit

    Obviously you don't get it. I don't know how else to explain it. Normally fuel cut at WOT is fine because all fuel is cut, there's nothing to combust and cause a lean event. But if you're spraying meth and the car goes into fuel cut, now that meth is the ONLY fuel there (and not very much of it)...
  12. 19 GT Reliability with Procharger P1X HO Kit

    The issue isn't tuning around the additional fuel or adding octane. That stuff is easy. The issue is if meth is spraying and the car cuts fuel. Fuel cut is one of the fast path torque reduction methods in the pcm. If the car suddenly fuel cuts as a method of fast path torque reduction under...
  13. Cordless Impact driver

    Pretty much any modern impact will work fine for lug nuts. I have both M12 and M18 milwaukee tools. I like the M18 mid torque because it's pretty strong for it's size, but overall prefer the M12 line. The only reason I have M18 is because HD had a ridiculous sale that included a M18 1/2"...
  14. 19 GT Reliability with Procharger P1X HO Kit

    That low volume can still be enough to cause a lean knock if the car cuts fuel.
  15. 19 GT Reliability with Procharger P1X HO Kit

    Do people know how to tune for it? There are situations where the car will cut fuel instead of timing, and if it's spraying meth when that happens you'll get a bad lean knock.
  16. 4.09 Gears in 2019+ M6 questions

    Does anyone know what it would take to get the mach1 tremec working in the 19+ MT82 cars? I find the gear spacing on the MT82 D4 to be the problem, not the rear end ratio. The tremec lands about 300 rpm higher in each gear at redline if my math is right. Which is not insignificant, esp with a...
  17. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    On mine, the bottom left hose of that 4 port T when looking at it from the front (the one that originally went to factory inlet tube) goes to the BOV, looks like that's what his is doing as well.
  18. Fuel supply question.

    if you're staying with 91/93 then yes, the dw400 will be the choke point before the 38 lb injectors. On a totally stock fuel system, the 19 lb injectors would likely see max idc before the lift pump failed to maintain pressure.
  19. 19 GT Reliability with Procharger P1X HO Kit

    I made 9 psi at 8k rpm with 0 knock at 16* peak timing (negative kr actually). Came out to 620 whp. If you keep the pulley that comes in the kit you might make 5-6 psi at that altitude. I didn't have any fuel mods - my lift pump (in tank pump) held 70+ psi just fine, was not able to log my...
  20. Fuel supply question.

    if you go 3.625, you'll need a bap. engineermike was seeing some lift pressure drop in colder weather on that size pulley. so stay above that on the pulley size and you should have some headroom.