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  1. California Mcleod Rxt1200

    Up for sale Used (approx 1000 miles) McLeod Rxt1200 26 Spline Mcleod Steel Flywheel Everything works perfectly. Asking $1150 shipped Call or text 510-798-8347
  2. California Looking for ID1700 Injectors

    Looking for Slightly used or brand new ID1700. PM or reply w price please.
  3. California 2015-17 Mustang EIBACH PRO KIT SPRINGS

    Up for sale Used 2015-17 Mustang Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs 22k Miles Switched to BMR drag Springs Asking $175 shipped to all US States
  4. California 2015-2017 MY COLOR Mustang GT Premium Cluster

    Up For Sale: Used 2015-2017 My Color Mustang GT Premium Cluster Gauge 24,xxx Miles Perfect Upgrade for base Model S550 Everything works great Upgraded to LCD 2018 Cluster Asking $150 shipped to all US states
  5. California OEM 2015 Mustang S550 Tail Lights

    Up For Sale OEM 2015 Mustang GT Tail Light/Lamp 22k Miles Everything Works No Chip/crack Selling since i upgraded to a 2018 Tail light Asking $400 Shipped to all US States
  6. GT 2015 Cluster Gauge Mycolor

    Up for sale 2015 Mustang GT Cluster Gauge MYColor 24k Miles Asking $200 obo shipped
  7. California Diode Dynamics Smoked SwitchBacks LED New

    Up for sale Brand New Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal SwitchBacks Smoked Asking $160 Shipped
  8. California GETRAG MT82 6 speed manual for Sale

    Up for sale Used 2015 Mustang Getrag MT82 Transmission 6 speed 22k miles Nothing is wrong with it just upgraded to Ben Calimer transmission Asking $1200 obo Will ship also ($100-150)
  9. QA1 Driveshaft

    Any reviews on these Driveshafts? :cheers:
  10. Weld 17x7 Tire size recommendations?

    Hello fellas, Got a 17x7 Weld wheels for street use instead of my Skinnies. What size tire should I use for the 17x7 size wheel. Thanks in advance :cheers:
  11. Whipple Upgrade GEN 3 and E85 finally

    Finally upgraded from Stage 2 Gen 2 Whipple to the New Whipple Gen 3 and doing the Lund E85 combo. Big Thanks to db252 for helping me with all the work and data logging. Learned alot. Ordered my Whipple Kit with LETHAL_perfomance Chris Whipple Gen 3 Prismatic Powders "Harley...

    WTB 10 RIB WHIPPLE KIT. :cheers:
  13. Clips/Tabs/Push Pins

    Hello everyone. Anyone know where I can get some clips/tabs/push pins for my radiator cover/shroud and wheel wells. Thanks in advance:cheers:
  14. Tremec T56 Magnum Xl 2.66 or 2.97?

    Which one is Best for my setup 2015 GT with 2.9 Whipple 331 Gear ratio Looking into upgrading into T56 Magnum XL which is best suited for my setup. 2.66 or 2.97? :cheers:
  15. WTB Headlights

    Want to buy headlights or trade you my headlights with Diode Dynamics DRL LED Boards. Just want to go back to stock look. DM me
  16. WTB ID1050 x Injectors

    WTB some 1050 injectors new or used pm me please.
  17. WTB WELDS 17x7

    PM me if you have any WELDS 17x7 for non pp 4 piston brake GT
  18. My new BAER S4 Drag Brakes

    Super happy with this Brakes "This S4 4-piston caliper mounted to a 11.625" x .810" directional (2 piece) slot, drill, zinc plated rotor. This is designed specifically for heavy, fast drag cars that rely on their brake to launch or stage the car, and WILL SAVE 68.2LBS UNSPRUNG / ROTATIONAL...
  19. Non PP Rear Brake

    Hello there what Part Number for Rear non PP rear brake caliper. Need one to get powder coated. Thanks so much

    Up For sale: BRAND NEW RACESTAR Drag Wheels Bracket Racer Finish 17x9.5 17 x 9.5" Bolt Circle 5 x 4.5" Back Space 6.875 Offset 41 Load 1580 Wheel Weight 20 Brand New Tires Hoosiers Bias Ply 28x10x17 Race Star Brand New Closed Lug Nuts asking...