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  1. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    Thank you and I completely agree with you on the looks of a Camaro vs. Mustang. I'll even go further to say the Mustang does everything better in the DD category and all of the small things are better also like sunglass holder, fitting golf clubs in your trunk without putting your back seat...
  2. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    lol thanks! Each track day normally has a photographer and they take some amazing pics IMO, Thursday was no exception and they got some great shots for $85. As far as temps go, as your track experience grows so do the high temps in my experience. A PP1 A10 is good for about 7-8/10's on track...
  3. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    It may have been hotter then hell but Thursday was a great track day at Sebring! Good luck with your cooling efforts 67fast_v and I hope you have better luck then when I tried tracking my A10 last led to me getting this 1LE! (RIP Mach1)
  4. New to the forum….maybe not a new question
  5. (Hagerty) Supra vs Mach 1 vs 400Z

    Rear seats are nice in a pinch and I couldn't agree more about there being good options right now, just need the inventory to return. :) Wow, $4800 for both tunes is GTR money...the results speak for themselves though. Enjoy!
  6. (Hagerty) Supra vs Mach 1 vs 400Z

    That get you the TCU also? I thought I remember reading they just unlocked the supra trans recently.
  7. (Hagerty) Supra vs Mach 1 vs 400Z

    I was hoping for a $45k performance pack 400Z price point, $51k is just so close to the Supra. Also, if you tuned all 3 of these it would be a completely different race as FI has such an advantage in this area.
  8. Buyer beware…Steeda CANADA

    lol it was steeda canada, OP is a moron. What's the over/under on a title change and apology post?
  9. Buyer beware…Steeda CANADA

    Same here, just want to clarify before this turns into a shit show.
  10. Buyer beware…Steeda CANADA

    So you're saying that if I order a Steeda widget now that says in stock on their website and they call me tomorrow to inform me it's on backorder, I can't refund it? This is their new rule?
  11. Had the opportunity to drive a Camaro ZL1 and my Mach 1 back to back

    Yep, I miss revvvving the mustang out and that I miss that. What I don't miss is the lack of low end torque for everyday driving as the Camaro has that and then some. You also get used to the visibility quick but what you don't get used to is the trunk. I've never had a trunk you...
  12. Roush AB with Borla X pipe

    I had the steeda x pipe and roush axle back. I did the x pipe first w/stock mufflers and the sound was good but just to tinny for my taste. The roush axle back changed the tone and made it deeper and raspier. There was no drone and just driving normal around town was not bad at all...but as soon...
  13. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    I used my Carvana quote as a good starting point when I traded in the GT last month. The offer was $30k for a 2018 GT A10 300a with 28k miles and the Chevy dealer ended up giving $33k for trade in on a new 2021 1SS 1LE MT. They sold the GT for 36k less then a week later so it seems they made out...
  14. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    Ford held that one close to the vest, could you imaging the rush on ordering '21's if that leaked a few weeks ago. I know it's only 10 hp/tq but recent events show people get crazy when you take something away.

    They're talking about you now leading TT2, nice! You're way ahead of everyone else. Watching now...Alessandro and the secret sauce!
  16. Base brakes.... still Brembos...

    That's ok, someone will come along and confirm it for you. They're made by Continental but go ahead and keep ignoring it.
  17. Base brakes.... still Brembos...

    it's already been said in this thread they're made by Continental.
  18. Sebring Tips?

    I'm 50/50 on doing the October TNIA event, I really want a dry track experience and that didn't happen when I went in June. Driving rain in 2 sessions and a wet track for the 3rd session made for a fun life experience but not a fun TNIA event IMO. Hopefully October will be dry. Get there early...