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  1. 1st Mods on 2020 GT500 roll will be sufficient for temp use and it did not damage the vinyl stripe (nor would it damage painted stripes). Good luck!
  2. Ford Performance CF Kits

    Just throwing it out there for those who may be interested... Ford Performance gives Mustang Shelby new carbon fiber kit ( 2020-21 GT500 CARBON FIBER HOOD VENT KIT| Part Details for M-16612-C20 | Ford Performance Parts 2020-21 GT500 CARBON FIBER BUMPER INSERT| Part Details for...
  3. FordPass Points

    FYI...multiply your points by .005 to determine USD value. Excellent program that can be used toward parts, service, new car purchase, or accessories.
  4. GT500 without Tech pack

    I ordered my CFTP w/o the tech package. IMO it is antithetical to the spirit of the spec. Exhaust tone is music to my ears and my senses are BLIS. Puddle but...
  5. This car over delivers, in every way imaginable - *8 sec 1/4 mile

    Outstanding. 8's with essentially bolt-on mods. does Chuck square your performance with his recent green machine rebuild?
  6. 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP: Car Shows, Cruises & Mayhem MASHUP! (video)

    Entertaining compilation, Tim. Interesting that you were the only 2020 GT500 absent side stripes in the group.
  7. Niche Line Honored by Mustang6G-GT500 Crew

    Hey J, Actually, the author of the article appears to have blended a few events / info together...but its all good. The engine build plaque poster that @kilobravo created had nothing to do with previous tours. The genesis of the poster started with a poll that @Jmeo created (thank you...
  8. Niche Line Honored by Mustang6G-GT500 Crew

    Quick follow-up on the Niche Line Builder Plaque poster that @kilobravo did such an outstanding job creating. I just received a copy of the REP newsletter that contained a nice write-up on our donation of posters and mouse pads to the Niche Line team. One of the mouse pads was presented to...
  9. 2020 Ford Senior Master Coin

    You are correct KB.
  10. 1968 gt500 KR test.

    Agree...Cougars are a silent classic that had great styling and cool extras over and above the Mustang. Aren't hose tail light assemblies Shelby spec as well?
  11. 2020-21 Recaro Seat Covers
  12. Deep 9's 1/4 Mile

    Nice. If you work your way down to SW, hit me up.
  13. Deep 9's 1/4 Mile

    I've been tracking your progress...impressive. Will you be at Bradenton this week?
  14. Car won’t start

    Thanks Earl. I missed the seized part.
  15. Car won’t start

    As a best case scenario, it almost seems to be symptomatic of a failed camshaft position sensor.
  16. Wrecked / Totaled 2020+ GT500 Thread

    Looks like a painted stripes spec as well.
  17. Wrecked / Totaled 2020+ GT500 Thread

    Hey Tom! If you're ever on this side of the peninsula and have time to connect, give me a shout.
  18. Wrecked / Totaled 2020+ GT500 Thread

    Hey Jamie, I subscribed to their channel and look forward to the re-build. I follow a few car resto YouTubers...I learn a bunch and the entertainment value is in my wheelhouse. Here is a link to one guy I follow who does an incredible job on classic Stangs: Peterson Restorations - YouTube
  19. Wrecked / Totaled 2020+ GT500 Thread

    Hey fellas. I'm doing well. Been busy, but do check in daily-I read a lot more than I post. :sunglasses: The Romeo team loved and appreciated the posters we sent... "The Niche line loved the poster today that I had mounted. It is proudly on display in their break area with all of the...
  20. Wrecked / Totaled 2020+ GT500 Thread

    Agree. Motor, trans, wing, wheels, dash, seats, rear seat delete, misc. parts...easy $50k+.