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  1. My First Mod

    I’m pretty sure it’s standard with the premium interior, 401a package and Showstopper Red interior. If not, previous owner did a great job!
  2. My First Mod

    I was talking about the carbon fiber shift knob. Here are a few pics of how mine sits. I kept cranking it down and spinning it until I was happy with the results. I figured if I broke it, I’d learn a $90 lesson
  3. My First Mod

    It does not. Mine sits low and there is no gap. I‘ll update with a pic later this morning…
  4. Any avid bikers plan on getting a hitch receiver?

    Ahh, I do miss this about my C7...Now I have an SUV in case I want to ride. It was fun pulling up to events and seeing people shocked that the bike fit in the hatch.
  5. Anyone else not get active exhaust?

    My C7 had Chevy’s version of active exhaust. A neat trick, but it stayed on track mode the whole time. The C7 standard exhaust is too quiet IMHO. I bought my PP GT used and checked all the boxes, but it does not have AE. It has a Borla exhaust and I don’t miss AE at all. That magnetic ride...
  6. Adding powered sub to 2020 with 9 speaker system. Cheap!

    Adding an aftermarket powered subwoofer on a 2020 Mustang premium with the 9 speaker system. I’ve read post after post about this, but can’t come to a conclusion. I don‘t need competition sound. Coming from a C7 with the upgraded sound just had me completely spoiled. The Mustang has a really...
  7. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    The 3rd gen was a hand down from my parents that they had bought new. They hated that car (makes me wonder what they thought of me 😂). The Mustangs were all used, the Corvette was brand new with 7 miles. My current Mustang was used with 16k. My ex-wives 2011 Edge was brand new and still...
  8. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    When I was a kid, I had a third gen f-body. Piece of junk….everything broke on that car. Made me really dislike GM products. Nothing but Ford products after that… Fast forward 20 years and I’m looking for a brand new GT Premium. Then I realize I can get a brand new C7 for just a few thousand...
  9. 18+ GT Performance Tune Pac

    Still giving out group codes? I want this!
  10. Anyone Remove a 19 PP1 Rear Spoiler?

    I replaced a track pack spoiler on my PP car that the previous owner had installed. He had taped that thing on the whole length of the spoiler! Some fishing line and a heat gun worked perfectly to remove it. Took a long time! I actually found a white PP spoiler and installed it on the car...
  11. The Fate on the ICE

    For the short term, the infrastructure is not ready. Even the electric utility infrastructure will need to be fortified to withstand the increased load. That‘s a huge investment for the ratepayers who don’t want to pay it! Had this discussion with a very liberal friend. I won’t get into the...
  12. What are your favorite mods and why

    Where did you get those center caps? Mine is blacked out everywhere except for those center caps….
  13. 0% APR financing for 60 months is back!

    It’s sad that they offer 0% APR, but jack up the prices at the dealership level. Even sadder that we consumers are “ok” with it and pay up. But I also understand that sometimes, we NEED a new car. its a tough choice….
  14. (12/14 UPDATE!!) Is it totaled??

    Totaled. I’d say that’s a good thing, with all of the suspension damage. The hard part now is replacing it. It’s tough to find a reasonable price these days. The local ford dealership is marking up any GT on the lot an automatic $10k. That’s another story, though….
  15. Free Soler Prf. App Driven Throttle Controllers for S550's

    Just got my car back from the shop this week. I’ll be installing this weekend and will provide feedback.
  16. Radar Detector mounting locations / pics

    I used an eBay mirror mount that I had laying around. I had a Blendmount on my C7 because of the way the mirror was shaped, but they are pricy. This little $20 mount does the exact same thing. I use a V1 but they make them for every major detector...
  17. Shortage or being discontinued? MPS4S?

    I had AS3 on my Vette and loved them. I can only imagine that they’ve improved. Very good tread wear. Not as good as the Pilots it came with, but on the street I could barely notice. A huge help to my pocket. I just got a set of 4S on my GT and love them. I guess I better take care of them!
  18. Looking for input from anyone who's owner a GT PP1 manual Mustang and a C8 Corvette please!

    I had a C7 before my PP1 GT. Not the same comparison but I do sometimes miss the sportiness and the charisma of the Vette. Even with an auto it was a sheer pleasure to drive. The plan was to drive this GT until the C8 market softened, but I’m starting to see C8s everywhere now and now I’m...
  19. Paint Matched SideMarkers

    These may be Oracle ghost painted side marker lights.
  20. Free Soler Prf. App Driven Throttle Controllers for S550's

    I’m in Mike. I used your throttle controller in my C7 and loved it! 2020 PP1 GT 6-speed.