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  1. P2119 with whipple stage 2

    Sorry to resurrect this thread but any particular brand of RTV sealant to use if I want to use it on my TB? I’m having some issues with my VMP twin 69 TB on my Odin kit. Thanks
  2. P2135 with VMP twin 60 TB

    Thanks yeah I actually just spoke to VMP and they say I can send it back to them and get a new TB. Just won’t be able to drive the car for a few days.
  3. P2135 with VMP twin 60 TB

    Ugg my bad did t see the typo no I have the twin 69 TB that comes with their ODIN kit.
  4. P2135 with VMP twin 60 TB

    Hi everyone I have the VMP Odin on my 2017 mustang GT since last year tuned by Lund. Yesterday I was getting on it and I got the mechanical wrench light and the code P2135. Car get ok and once I turned off the car and restarted and the light is gone. However looking into this code I may have...
  5. What oil are y’all running?

    Sorry to resurrect this thread but just did my 1st oil change since getting the Odin on my 2017 GT PP. went with the motorcraft 5w50 but have noticed my oil pressure gauge is reading higher then before. Should I be worried? Now I’m thinking maybe I should have run with a 5/30 or 5/40. I’m in...
  6. Low dust brake pads for Brembo

    For anyone who has changed to these pads… did you change the rear pads as well or leave the stock ones?
  7. What filter for a boosted 17?

    First… yes I used the search function but can’t find what I am looking for. I have a 17 mustang GT with the VMP Odin kit. Going to be going with motor craft 5w-50 but just not sure which filter to use. I see CI pony has a package for the GT350s that already comes with the oil but just not sure...
  8. My Winter Wheel Package

    Any suggestions for a decent tire for the colder months but no snow just rain? I have a 2017 with the Odin supercharger kit on it. Currently running nitros 555R2s but need something to tide me over till it gets too cold out.
  9. Supercharger Surge Help!

    Passenger side
  10. Supercharger Surge Help!

    i Edward having the same issues and even got a code about the TB being open.. nothing worked then I removedmy JLT oil catch can and bam! Hesitate is gone not sure about your friend but if he has one he may want to look into that.
  11. Suggestions for a tuner in the ny area

    Yeah I may go to them in the spring I’ve read good things about them.
  12. Suggestions for a tuner in the ny area

    Yeah I ended up going with the Ngauge and with Lund racing. So far so good but down the line may want to try a dyno tune.
  13. Surging at 3100 rpms

    just an FYI unless you secure the heck out of it it may not work I ended finding the cardboard up by the filter so I ordered a piece of plastic which I will cut to size and see if I can use double sided tape to secure. We shall see lol.
  14. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Oh damn that sucks. Sorry to hear yeah I tried a piece of cardboard but it didn’t stay so I’m thinking of using a piece of plastic and seal it up. I am only getting the surge when I let go of the gas, thankfully it’s still pulling good at WOT. Good luck man
  15. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Hey by any chance do u have an aftermarket grill? I was reading that someone was having a similar issue with the RTR grill because supposedly the extra opening was allowing too much air into the filter. They were suggested by their tuner to put a piece of cardboard by the opening to stop some of...
  16. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Any updates? I have the VMP Odin kit and im now getting that p115e code and already tried cleaning my TB. Sent a log to Alex at Lund and he asked if I have the p2119 which I don’t. Where you able to get to the bottle of your issues?
  17. VMP Odin IAT

    What are your IATs?