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  1. Clicking sound

    So my car has off it’s battery tender for 4 days and battery was low, I connected the tender which appears to be working but I hear a rhythmic ticking coming from the front of the hood. 2 ticks every few seconds. Should I be concerned?
  2. Homestead Speedway Benefit

    Saturday 8/17 10-3 25 dollars 3 laps behind a pace car on the oval, max speed maybe 100 plus minus, passengers allowed, any street legal vehicle. Extra laps 10 dollars per.
  3. Charity event

    Hi all, August 17th Homestead Speedway you can follow a pace car around the oval, max speed 100 or if u lag behind and catch up maybe a brief 120. 25 dollars gets u in and 3 laps, extra laps 10 bucks, no helmet, passengers allowed, it’s a fun day and a good cause, there is another one in...
  4. Push Pins

    Seems that when I installed my front rock guards the push pins seem too short, suspect when I do the GT500 front splitter side wings I will encounter the same, is this just me? Are there any longer push pins that work well in our GT 350’s?
  5. Trunk lid closure device

    So in the S550 forum a guy has a closure device that prevents you from putting finger prints on your trunk lid when closing, he has a link to his e Bay site and it’s not expensive and will work on our cars
  6. Tire Pressure

    Going to a charity event at Homestead Speedway Laps on the oval behind pace car speeds 100 maybe a bit more Would you change your tire pressure? Might do 50 laps, not all at once, maybe 10 at a time. Run in sport mode or track?
  7. DSC controller

    Ok, so as many of you may know the controller for our car was on back order, they are now available and I got mine installed today, the drive back from the shop was truly amazing. I have driven this route home multiple times and finding it bumpy and jarring, this time it was a lot smoother and...
  8. DSC Controller and alignment settings

    Since the DSC controllers are again being released for our cars including new settings that were developed during their back order status, I noticed they have recommended alignment settings as follows: They have the same for street/track Front camber: -1.2 degree Front Toe per corner: +1.0...
  9. Used Pedal Max

    See classified section
  10. Used Pedalmax

    For sale used pedalmax with variable output dial switch. Cost new 319, selling for 219 which includes shipping. Device works flawlessly, got a pedal commander as a gift.
  11. Pedal Commander vs Pedal Max

    Has anyone tried both and have an opinion?
  12. Chipped/gouged rim

    I have never curbed my rims, car was in a shop for a few days, I didn’t check rims for a couple of weeks, so honestly have no clue how or when. Found a shop that will come to the house, remove it, fix it, balance and reinstall it all same day for 150, guarantee work and color match. Can’t get...
  13. Knee pads

    Had these made up by a upholstery shop in California
  14. Shadow Black heading north on Old Cutler Rd

    My daughter says you exist in Palmetto Bay. Twice I have seen you heading North a little after 7 am, I have your twin but she sleeps in during the week. During the week my daily driver is an Acura MDX, watch for my flashing lights.
  15. Help with MGW Shifter and a first gear

    Haven’t driven her in 2 or 3 weeks, took her out tonight and it seems I can’t always get into first gear from neutral, no problem getting into reverse, if I can’t get into first straight from neutral I found if I go into second from neutral and then straight up It goes in fine, sometimes it goes...
  16. Colored LED strips

    Has anyone installed these inside?
  17. Octane boosters, race fuel etc

    What high octane is appropriate for occasional use on street or track. Did u use high octane gas? Whose? Did u use a booster? Whose?
  18. Merry Christmas

    Wishing all of u a very Merry Christmas and a super Happy New Year! It has been great meeting all of your virtually and sharing stories and tips. NAHJA will get out and go to church and then tucked back in the garage as the ducks get seasoned and baked, ready for a feast! Enjoy your family...
  19. Dumb Dora and text messaging

    So, upgraded the Sync 3 to 2.3 software, download looks good, version now reads 2.3. Phone connected iPhone via blue tooth, set read text messages, set notification on in iPhone And nothing happens
  20. No drill front end parking sensor

    Has anyone tried any of these? Are there any that don’t look hokie and do the job of protecting the splitter? I know it won’t help for clearance but one less thing to worry about, especially if lowered, won’t clear the parking stones.