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  1. Mishimoto Intercooler Charge Pipe Kit

    All, I finally found time to install my new intercooler and charge pipe kit. The intercooler (CPE) installed with no issues. However, on the Mishimoto pipe kit the 2.0" in t-bolt clamp appears to be too small. It will not even fit (fully open) over the bare turbo outlet. Any ideas...
  2. CAI for Ecoboost - Open vs. Closed Box

    All, Looking to get an aftermarket CAI for my ecoboost mustang. Something like JLT open CAI or a Corsa closed CAI. Doesn't have to be these exact brands but want to know which is best, Open or Closed? Why? Thanks! Matt
  3. Stock EB - Turbo Red Hot

    Have a stock EB Mustang and went to show it off to family. Got back home and the turbo was Red Hot... Drove it hard for 1-2 miles, sport mode, just going up and down the road. Is that normal?