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  1. Concerning noise from my car. What does it sound like?

    Yesterday I started hearing a consistant tick. I thought the typewriter tick which I have had. Today I start my car and get it to normal temp and the noise I had yesterday was gone, but now I have whats in the video. At idle theres nothing, but if I give it gas and get it up to even 1500 rpms it...
  2. Anyone here smart with Forscan and DCT codes?

    Finally got Forscan going and I'm slowly learning what everything is. I checked for DTC's and there are none, everything shows ok, but noticed under log it shows DCT's in ABS and DCT's in TCU. Any idea what those mean? I assume since its in the log and there's nothing under DCT's its old...
  3. Questions on battery voltage readings

    I just replaced my stock battery with an Odyssey AGM performance one. I did a bms reset (non forscan way posted on here and let the car sit for 8 hours). With the stock battery the voltage on my dash would always read a consistant 14v until recent when it started showing 11.5v. With the new...
  4. What battery did you switch to?

    Its time for a new battery. I dont need a crazy battery, but want better over stock and one that fits like stock. Autozone has an Odyssey but it weighs 41 lbs. so that's out. Advanced has a Diehard AGM at 31 lbs. I see a lot go with XSP-D4700 Do you need anything else for it? Does it fit good...
  5. Nevermind

    Posted in general
  6. Is there a sensor for the air fuel ratio gauge on the digital dash?

    I've been noticing my air fuel ratio gauge goes crazy sometimes as if it doesn't know where it should be. It will bounce around. On the physical number screen the numbers are perfectly fine so something is up with the digital gauge. Is there a sensor for it or could it be computer related with...
  7. Florida S550 Stock air box with sound tube

    Came off of my 2019 GT. Took it off just a couple months after having my car and this has been sitting in my garage. Filter is still in great shape. $75 plus shipping. I will ship either USPS or UPS. Your choice. If you want a shipping quote my zip code is 34668, weight is 11 lbs and the box is...
  8. Florida Roush covered CAI 2018-2020 GT

  9. Can anyone help me price out used parts I want to sell?

    I just had my suspension re-done and bought new wheels so I'm looking to sell the parts, but am clueless when it comes to selling used parts and I don't want to be unfair. Can anyone give me an idea on how much I could sell any of this for? It's all off of my 2019. Performance Pack 1 springs...
  10. What is this noise coming from my suspension?

    I just had my suspension switched out last Friday. I noticed as soon as I left it was making noise up front. The guy at the performance shop told me before I left its a new suspension and warned me I might hear some noises. As far as I knew (and later confirmed it from Steeda, if its installed...
  11. Thoughts on my alignment specs?

    Had my car dropped an inch with steeda springs. Had shocks/ struts changed, camber plates added, etc.. The place I went to is well known around here. He said he likes to max out the rears for better traction. Said as long as I'm not racing taking corners going 100 what he gave me is good for...
  12. Another wheel fitment question. Will stock work?

    I finally have my wheels coming after weeks and weeks of being on backorder. I actually had to find them elsewhere. They are RTR tech 5's. My question is are the stock tires for my 2019 PP1 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires ok to use with these or am I better off going with what is recommended? I...
  13. GT JLT oil separator 3.0 Satin

  14. Florida Steeda trunk pop kit

  15. Anyone in FL (or high temp states) using dash cams that withstand the heat?

    I've used dash cams in the past only for the heat to destroy them. A lot have capacitors that they say can within stand high temps, but even that doesnt seem to always be enough. Anyone else in FL or other high temp states using a certain cam that holds up?
  16. Anyone who has RTR wheels using different center caps that fit?

    Curious to see if anyone with RTR wheels were able to find and use different center caps with them that fit? I just ordered some tech 5s. I know the oems are way too small.
  17. Need help with new wheels. I have a lot of questions.

    I ordered Steedas suspension package to lower my PP1 car. I was originally thinking of just getting spacers to make my tires more flush, however really dont like that idea at all and would rather just get new rims. This is where I'm stupid. I really like the Michelin 4S's on my car now. They...
  18. Conflictiing spacer info. Good/bad. Whats the deal?

    Getting a Steeda comfort package with 1 inch lowering springs. Looking into 25 mm hub centric spacers, but of course I see dont do it or their fine. Even American Muscle says not to use spacers that big on the front only the rear. Others say its fine. I hear stuff about bearings weaing out...
  19. Help me decide with a suspension package

    Nevermind. Figured everything out I needed to know.