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    Had a eye opening experience tonight and want to see if I am not the only one. Working a very close friends Corvette C7. Car is tracked a lot and is in need of a correction and coating. Spent the day getting close with the car. Rupes 5" and 3". Sonax perfect finish followed by some Carpro...
  2. Wisconsin 19x11 Forgestar CF10's Flow Forged Wheels with Micheline Pilot Super Sport tires

    Buy one get one free! I sold my Shelby and dont need these anymore. Forgestar CF10 wheels with Michelin Super Sports at 98% Life X4 Forgeline GA1R wheels (winter storage only – not for road use) with Goodyear Supercar 3r 0% life (winter storage only – not for road use) X4 They have the stock...
  3. Wisconsin 17 GT350 LIGHTNING Blue $57995

    2017 GT350 H2845 Lightning Blue Metallic with Black stripes. 1 of 314 made in this color combination. 13,956 miles. Car is very well maintained and properly taken care of. I am a professional detailer. The car went through a full 2 stage paint correction along with a full deacon stage. After...
  4. Test

    2017 GT350 Lightning Blue Metallic with Black stripes. 1 of 314 made in this color combination. 14,258 miles. Car is very well maintained and properly taken care of. I am a professional detailer. The car went through a full 2 stage paint correction along with a full deacon stage. After paint...
  5. Transmission Fluid / Diff oil change. What kind you guys using

    Have done about 10 tracks now and I want to change the transmission fluid and the diff oil. Are you all just using dealership motorcraft stuff or something better? I run amsoil in the car for oil and brake fluid.
  6. Check engine light flash while on track. Road america

    Notice it doing this is my last session. Only did it for like 5 secs then went off. Did not come back on. If I start the car now. No light. Here are my gauges after session. Thoughts? The diff seems super hot.

    We have a big event in June that I would like to put both cars on a trailer to Road America. Willing to drive and come get the trailer if needed. Of course pay for the rental as well. Thoughts on where I can get one? Or anyone on here have one willing to help a fellow car dude out? I am in...
  8. Rear seat delete part number help

    Just finished mine and I am looking for this piece. Anyone know of a good cover / factory part number for this? I bought the Shrader kit.
  9. GT350 shakedown (aka Bolt)

    Was so busy working on customer cars last year and racing I did not get to work on my own Shelby. His name is Bolt. Got some inspiration here in Wisconsin with the nice weather we are having. Prepped the car last night and this morning started polishing. Working with a Rupes LHR 3 5inch and a...
  10. Help finding part on roll cage, studs

    Thought I would ask for help from my awesome community here. I sold my rear seats about 3 weeks ago and the new owner is requesting these bolts/studs. However I just went on Comp Motorsports site to see if I need them and sure enough I do. See photo #10. Do anyone know where I can buy these...
  11. Towing a 350 with an Explorer?

    Looking to maybe use my daily as a tow vehicle. Its a 2017 limited with the 3.5l. It does not have a tow package at the moment. Internet says 5k towing capacity. Any on here using this setup Second questions anyone know of some crazy light trailers?
  12. Will PP1 or 2 wheels fit my 350?

    Looking from some winter wheels and tires to put on for storage. Will 2015 and newer pp1 or 2 wheels fit my gt350 with spacers? I know it has massive brakes it would need to clear. Offsets are like 30 up front and 50 rear. Andy
  13. Wisconsin WTB winter storage wheels and tires GT350

    I am looking to store my cup 2's in the basement and put some garbage wheels and tires on for winter storage. I do not care about condition of the tires or wheels. Just need to hold air and mount to my GT350. I would drive a couple of hours to pick up if needed. Looking to spend like 500-800?
  14. Putting the car on jack stands for the winter

    I am getting ready to put Bolt (shelby) away for the winter. Getting an oil change and moving some stuff around in the garage. I want to pull the wheels and tires off and keep the cup 2's warm in the basement. At 2K a set I want to do all I can to keep them in good shape over the long Wisconsin...

    These came off my 17 GT350. Stock wheels. I bought cup 2 for more track use. They have about 2500 miles on them and 1 light track day. Brand new they have 8/32" now between 7-6/32. Looking for $300 obo. I live in WI willing to ship if needed buyer pays.
  16. OP High Strength Racing Lug Nuts-Review

    Wanted to give you guys a quick write up/review. Been looking for a replacement to the stock lugs for some time. I did purchase the titanium set from 50 deep. And although amazing... just too pricey for me and I sold them. After asking around @honeybadger recommended these...
  17. Wisconsin Michelin Pilot Super Sport GT350

    These came off my stock 350. Fronts have about 8k miles on them. Rears have about 3k miles. Fronts made in 15 rears 19. In good condition and I have taken them to one track day at Blackhawk Farms. Upgraded to a more track focused tire. Sport Cup 2. Please let me know if you have any other...
  18. Wisconsin Please delete

    Please delete.
  19. Race craft/heel toe help

    I am going back to Blackhawk farms next week and I am struggling with turn 1 and turn 9. Both are 90 degrees after a straight. The issue is heel toe. I know how to rev match downshift, however I do no know how to heel toe. So that being said I have been going into the turns getting hard on the...
  20. MSS tire life help

    I just got back from a track day and have some concerns about my tires. The back story is I don't know how many miles are on them. So let's assume they have 10k. That's how many miles are on the car. I bought the car with 6200miles. So maybe there is 4k miles. I don't know.. Anyway I did one...