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  1. Quick urgent request. Splitter height HP

    Need the clearance height and distance from front tires for trailer ramp angle. Have to know if I need to make some ramp extensions right now. thanks!
  2. gurney flap install/remove tools

    what is required? Going to remove if if installed for the tow home, and for when I have my long highway trips. My understanding is that it cost 1-2 mpg at highway speeds.
  3. Got my car!

    A little smaller that I expected to be honest though! the detail is absolutely amazing. have to get a display case for it now.
  4. HP front splitter height / clearance angle

    what is the clearance angle or the height of splitter and protrusion of it from front wheels? Considering a building, and need to check the approach angles to get the car in / out. Also have to do some work this winter to prep driveways and such for it. Thanks,
  5. Dodge Challenger and Charger to join the Camaro They did well, I think they should've done a much larger refresh a couple of years ago though. Much respect for their tendency to stick the biggest possible engine into EVERYTHING they make.
  6. analysis cancelled orders

    seeing what all was cancelled by members here.
  7. 700A vs 600A pedals

    are they just covers, something easy to change out? and fairly inexpensive? other than that, 700A is seats, heated stearing wheel, and options for the elite package, right?
  8. American made bugle

    anyone know where I can find a bugle that is made in America? G scale, for reveille and taps, scouting.
  9. Hurricane Ida

    I have been living in the gulf south my entire life. never been in the path of a hurricane. luck changes today, may get to see the inside of the eye of a cat 2 when it reaches my house. Really just hoping I still have a house tomorrow morning though. and that my shop doesn't collapse on my...
  10. PPF questions

    So, how does the PPF interact with the matte finish on the hood decals? Do you get it PPF'd around the decals or what? I am thinkin about doing the entire hood, only because of the visible line from where it ends, so thinking bumper, hood, front fenders, a pillars, mirrors, rear fender up...
  11. recommended warranty safe mods

    What are the recommended mods that do not void warranty to do off the bat? tires, ceramic coating are already on the list. but what else would be beneficial to do, mostly for longevity or good bang for the buck things to do that won't void warranty right after the car gets in?
  12. questions on handling feel, S550 in general, Mach 1 more specifically.

    So, I do not own a S550 currently, never have. looking to order a mach 1 within the next 1-2 weeks. I daily a 1986 Bronco, and my past truck was a modified 2006 F-250, and before that a 2009 F-150 platinum. the last cars I owned have all been 1979 or older coupes (monte carlos, cutlass...
  13. why I will not be ordering my Mach 1 locally

    There is a Mach 1 locally for sale, huge markup. at the other dealer in town that does many mustang sales they have a GT500 for sale: 50k markup on a car that has been out a year+ the third dealer, wanted a 15k ADM on a custom ordered Mach 1....
  14. Sad to see another classic bite the dust. beautifully restored blue 429 Mach 1 car. Horrible way to go.
  15. Trump floats delaying election in tweet

    So yeah, pretty sure he just lost my vote with this statement. This is crossing a pretty hard and fast line of mine. Even if nothing comes of it other than this tweet, I don't really care. Even floating this idea is too damn close to treason.
  16. Reddit's new policy

    reddit's new policy on 'hate speech' 'While the rule on hate protects such group, it does not protect all groups or all forms of identity. for example, the rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority or who promote such attacks of hate' they went through and banned over 2000...
  17. interior color options removed?

    Not seeing the red interior option on the premiums, or the ivory colors on the standards on the Ford site. Any ideas? bug, changing something? TBH, I won't be ordering a new car if I can't get the red interior.
  18. May not be much, may be a hint about the future. Discussion by Ford on plans going forward, keeping manuals, pushing the 'icon models' (Mustang, Bronco, etc.) But there is a rather nice Mach 1 emblem at the bottom. This isn't a Ford press...
  19. Interior options conflict on ford site, qustion.

    When I build the car I intend to order on the Ford site, with either PP1 or PP2, when I select the safe and smart package it removes the two center gauges and replaces them with the 3rd AC vent. Can anyone confirm if this is just a programming issue of overlapping in the selections, and that it...