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  1. Have you ever seen a new brake rotor that is out-of-round?

    Well now I can say that I have. My RH non-drilled rotor is a few mm out of round. I installed these rotors prior to my last track day and immediately noticed that the RH side front wheel was not spinning as freely as the LH side and seemed to be catching at a specific point. I had no time to...
  2. Some more brake questions

    I recently installed my new solid rotors. Now I find that the front wheels tend to not spin as freely as before when off the ground. The RH side is a bit worse than the LH side. I can spin them with one hand and they spin for a couple of revolutions, but they seem to "stick" at one particular...
  3. Are my Cup2s toast?

    It looks like I am starting to see some delamination. Can I get one more event out of them?
  4. A couple of brake related questions

    I'm prepping my car for an upcoming track weekend and have a couple of questions about the brakes. #1: Is it normal for a pad to wear unevenly? On my passenger side the front brake pads are thicker up top and thinner on the bottom. The difference is 1.5 mm. Both the inside and outside pad show...
  5. 3/36 is almost up. Ford ESP or no?

    Decision time regarding the Ford ESP is rapidly approaching. My car has 8675 miles currently. I drive it to and from work a few times a week in spring/summer/autumn and I try to get at least 6 or 8 track days a year out of it. I have always been of the mind that an extended warranty is for...
  6. Anyone know where to buy the OEM drilled brake rotors?

    So my order for the OEM drilled rotors was cancelled yesterday after about 2 months of waiting. Looks like the FR3Z-1125-E is available but FR3Z-1125-F (driver's side) has no ETA. I've called around to a few places and they seem to be out of stock everywhere I've looked. Anyone have any leads...
  7. Is there any reason NOT to run the Girodisc rotors on the front?

    My OEM drilled rotors have started to crack so I need to replace them. The OEM non-drilled rotors are around $700 for the pair. The Girodisc can be had for ~$1000. Is there any reason to not run the Girodisc? Is it a bad idea to run the Girodisc on the front but OEM drilled on the back? Thanks
  8. Ford Performance Ctek Charger Desulfation Mode

    I just hooked up my FP Ctek Charger for the first time and it is stuck in stage 1 or desulfation mode. My battery works well and is not malfunctioning. Is it normal for the charger to stay in this mode if the battery seems fine?
  9. Anyone ever order anything from

    They have some good prices right now. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience. Thanks!
  10. Anyone purchase the OEM brake pads (FR3Z-2001-L) recently?

    Is there anywhere with these pads in stock?
  11. Some grease visible around the front axle boot. Normal?

    I just noticed this while changing my oil. Is it normal or should it be looked at? Thanks
  12. What are some common pain points on cars that see track duty?

    Hey guys. My car has been on the track a fair number of times now and I'm getting ready to do some end of season maintenance. I was wondering if there were some common pain points that perhaps are more likely to occur in cars that see track duty that I should look out for (other than the obvious...
  13. How do you guys clean track rubber off your paint and PPF?

    In the past I would just take a microfiber cloth, wet it, and then agitate the rubber spot until it disappeared. However this is a very time consuming process and I don't think rubbing in one area continuously (even with a microfiber cloth) is a good idea. How do you guys clean the rubber off...
  14. Is it advisable to flush the brake fluid in 35 C (95 F) weather with 80% humidity?

    I have a track day at Watkins Glen coming up and I'd like to flush my brake fluid. However the weather here has been terribly hot and humid. I feel like if I try to do the flush with 80% humidity I'll just end up introducing more water into the system than I have now (<2%). Or will it not matter?
  15. Backfire on cold start?

    Something odd happened yesterday and I'm not sure if it is normal or if I should be concerned. When I cold started the car I heard a loud bang from the exhaust a second or so after starting; it sounded like a backfire to me. Everything operated smoothly thereafter. Anyone ever experience this...
  16. Do you re-torque your Caliperfexion studs into the knuckle?

    I just finished installing my Caliperfexion studs. The 5 ft/lbs required to tighten the stud into the knuckle seems almost finger tight. I assume that the thread locker prevents it from backing out? Do you guys ever re-tighten the studs into the knuckle?
  17. Happy Independence Day to US GT350 Owners

    I just wanted to say Happy 4th to everyone in the US. I really enjoy this community and derive most of my GT350 knowledge and help from this forum. I can't stand Snapface or Instabook or any of the other social media platforms a lot of enthusiast groups have moved to. If it wasn't for you guys I...
  18. Uneven Brake Pad Wear

    It looks like it is finally time to change my OEM pads. They have lasted me around 1000 minutes of track time (which obviously means I am not very hard on the brakes). In any case, I have noticed that I have uneven wear from one side of the car to the other (passenger side has more wear than...
  19. At what temperature does the differential cooler pump initiate?

    I was just wondering what the temperature threshold is for the diff pump to start working. I had the temps up to 219 F at the track today and did not notice the pump working. Thanks
  20. At what point should I change my OEM brake pads before a track day?

    After 5 track events I still have around 7 mm left on the front pads (both outside and inside pad). So clearly I am not that hard on the brakes since the OEM pads are just over 9 mm thick when new. I have an event at Pocono coming up soon and I was wondering whether I should change the pads out...