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  1. Traction Control Randomly Engaging.

    A few weeks ago I was driving on the Interstate and noticed while driving in a straight line with constant speed my traction control light would randomly come on. As I didn't feel anything from it and it stopped I chopped it up to a hiccup in the system. Then yesterday I was on the highway again...
  2. Just seen this while filling up.

    I ended up not filling up. Put enough in to get into work in the morning and to get to another station because of this sign posted next to the pump. Anyone else seen this?
  3. GM fixing to pay out?

    Looks like GM has a massive class action on their hands covering multiple years over multiple engines, makes and models.
  4. Window sticker link.

    Copy the link below and add your vin# to the end and paste into your browser to access your sticker. If the car hasn't gone into production and just confirmed you may not have a sticker yet.