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  1. State Inspections

    I know most of us are particular about people working on and jacking up our Mach 1. In Virginia you’re required to have your car inspected once a year at an inspection station, so you’re limited to who you take your car to. Do y’all use your local dealer or an independent shop? I dread going to...
  2. GT40 Taillights

    Yay or Nay. It's a nay for me but to each his own.
  3. Diode Dynamics LED Side Marker

    I'd like to know what y'all think of these Diode Dynamics LED markers. Any problems with LED's burning out or installation issues?
  4. Using paddles in Sports+

    I went for a drive to get a feel for my new Continental DWS06+ tires today and I love them. They ride a little better and quieter but really noticed the lack of tramlining. But anyway, I'm just getting into using the paddle shifters and noticed if in Sport+ and around 2500 rpm and want to...
  5. Sync3 will not update

    I got a message on my Ford Pass that there was an update to improve the sound of the stereo. I'm on a WIFI network and when I push check for updates it just shows the icon circle spinning and says checking for updates. But that's it. Ten minutes later it still searching. Is this normal? Has...
  6. Window Sticker

    Can you look at a window sticker and see the order date? I ordered this on March 16th and it came in two weeks ago and it looks like it was ordered 7/2? The car is still on the lot with a $5.5K ADM.
  7. Best price on Gorilla Nuts

    I’m going to replace my Michelins with A/S tires and thought it would be a great time to replace the crappy stock lug nuts. I found a set for $89 in black chrome w/locks on CJ Pony, seems a little high. Anyone know of any better deals?
  8. Will 4 OEM tires fit in trunk?

    I'm getting all season tires next week and will keep the Pilot Sport 4S's. Will they fit in the trunk if I fold the seats down? What's a fair price on my 2K miles tires if I decide to sell? $900?
  9. 22 Model Year Transition Customer Satisfaction Private Offer Program

    Ford as come out and said they will not be able to build all orders for some 2021 models. When I started reading about this program that will give discounts up to $3500 for unfulfilled MY21 orders, I thought great, at least you're compensating some Mustang orders that won't be fulfilled. But...
  10. Four door Mustang?!?
  11. Magnetic painted wheels

    I was thinking about ordering the black Gorilla lug nuts for my mag painted wheels but wasn't sure how they would look. Has anyone done this yet and if so some pics please?
  12. 2021 Mustang Highest Rated American Sports Car
  13. JLT Performance

    I took out the Mach 1 today on a drive to Portsmouth, Va. I was looking for a new store there and pulled off the road to some tiny side street to call them. I noticed a truck behind me sitting there. Pulled away and he followed me blowing the horn. I stopped and he came up to my car and said he...
  14. EPA wants to eliminate street car racing and high performance parts
  15. The RPM Act needs your support
  16. Ford Dealers Would Finish Chip-Deprived Vehicles Under Proposed Plan
  17. Ford Dealers Would Finish Chip-Deprived Vehicles Under Proposed Plan
  18. Australians get a second compensation

    "The new program applies to the 450 Australian 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 buyers who purchased their vehicles prior to April 29th, 2021 – the date when the brochure error got corrected. At issue was the advertisement of three features that are not available on the Australian model: the Torsen...
  19. CRMC Annual Performance Driving School

    I saw this on the MCA Facebook page and it sounds like fun. It's October 9-10. Has anyone been to this before?
  20. More proof that an oil separator is a good idea