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  1. Coupe side glass and automatic 1/4" drop before you open the door.

    Hello, My car cover isn't here yet, But the side glass is sticking a little to the weatherstrip, Is there a product that is better than just hitting the weatherstrip with armor-all on a rag? Not a fan of using that on anything. Thanks.
  2. What Brand ,part #, model Slick for laps around the "RING"

    I have been handed an offer too good to pass up, And as long as the schedules line up, ME and My car will be able to have some fun on the ring. My s550 is a E/B HHP. So the stock wheels are 19" by 9.5. I'd like to run them with the oem summer tires, then run a set of track slicks on ?? wheels...
  3. Jacking rails, Are they all equal

    As far as quality, and fit I.E. bolt on part that bolts on. Any Alum ones or all they all steel? Thanks
  4. What IS forscan?

    Is it the dealership tech ford scanner?
  5. Interior door panels trim question.

    I have the E/B HHP prem. with the B/O 12 speakers The lower door panel that has the molded grill for the 6" speaker has a chrome trim ring or paint, the mid range and tweeter molded grill openings don't , The tweeter not having it doesn't look out of place but the midrange grill does. What...
  6. Capless fuel fillers and 5 gallon fuel cans.

    Does anyone offer, make, produce, sell a replacement fuel can neck that fit these capless vehicles, I'm not a fan of the tiny funnel the oem's give you with a vehicle, and my old basic funnel doesn't go past the first door. It be nice if there was a replacement neck for fuel cans 5 gallon ,etc...
  7. Happy Thanksgiving

    Eat too much and scream at the Tv when your foot ball team screws up. Like the pro arm chair quarter back we all are.
  8. Rodman Ford Across from the new england Pat's foot ball field

    Has a Kermit the frog color 500 in the showroom. For anyone looking, the ATM is ducking nuts, but that might change with a real buyer. Family member was there for oil change service and Saw it.
  9. When parking question

    When in R there is a picture of the car and green , yellow then red as you get closer to something in R, is there sensors in the front ? Our ranger does this in the front also, but the mustang it doesn't. Should it. Is this something you option in the settings?
  10. What is your Christmas wish list?

    Maybe let your S.O. or Family look over your shoulder while you read this thread. You know, the ones that always say, you're hard to buy for. lol. Car parts is always a win in my book, along with tools.
  11. Road trip.

  12. Tic toc challenge lug nuts, public service anouncement

    These tools, are doing a "Challenge " that is to back off peoples lug nuts, and video doing it ,and the car wrecking. I know many might have their car in a garage, but those that don't at home or at work. keep an eye out for this stupidity.
  13. Cold weather, remote start auto climate control question

    The other day here, About a week or so ago, we had our first below 50* F morning, I want to say it was 44*F . remote started it and when I got in the heated steering wheel was headed. Is there a way to not have the auto climate control turning this on. I do wish my daily that gets driven in...
  14. Ford ap, states my Mustang is due for a nav/infotainment update

    This is my first newish vehicle other than the new ranger(2019) It has the b/o and nav but we didn't get this message for it, only the mustang. Being new to this type tech, what needs to be done to update the car? And how do I check to see if the ranger needs it done, or not. Again new to this...
  15. Silly question, oil filters

    Not one to trust the pars store online catalog listings. Does the 2.3 e/b HHP 332 HP turbo 4, use the same filter as the run of the mill 2.3 e/b. I am going to guess, yes, yes it does, but I rather make sure before hand. Thanks.
  16. Ford app, and Mustang deep sleep, time out .

    The other day, I got a message from the app, when I at work tried to see the miles to empty. That the car went into deep sleep to conserve battery , because I have not started it in awhile, (it was 3 days). So the app, remote functions and telling me where it is (address) was not going to...
  17. Is there a site that list track events, around the country?

    Like to try one in '22 but not sure where to look to find events and dates, type of event, what it is open too (type car/vehicles) etc. Required safety gear and so on. I don't plan on any record breaking lap times, as a newb to it, but also don't want to get run over or hold up those with more...
  18. Anyone else go?

  19. Stupid question of the day.

    What is this. in glove box. I thought owners manual, but that is sitting in the glove box.
  20. Where would one look to find out

    What colors are avail. in automotive grade vinyl decal material. I am toying with the idea of a decal like the ford "race strip" but in the same color as the E/B HHP wheels/mirror caps/rear spoiler. No idea where to look or whom to email,ask about this. may go the painted on route. But thought...