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  1. Ford GT and Mustang GT had a baby- umm never seen this body kit before

    GTT For Sale!! - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale ( OK - so its not horrible......this is probably the only body kit I have ever seen that I think almost looks OK
  2. Yes definitely not a GT350 lol

    Buddy just sent me this lol
  3. Thatvwas a horrible feeling...missed shift and hit rev limiter

    First time missing 3rd..stayed in neutral...went to hit the gas for a split second and it jumped past redline....happened so fast think I hit like 8600 or 8700 rpm but not exactly sure just know the needle was in the red... any idea where the rev limiter is on these cars? Was only up there for...
  4. Props to my Ford Dealer- outstanding service- damaged carbon fiber wheel

    Thought my dealer deserved some props- they were doing an alignment on my 350R and when back it off the rack they hit the front wheel against the side of the rack and damaged the coating on the wheel They were extremely apologetic and immediately offered to either replace the wheel with a new...
  5. Gt350R Sedona pictures ...and with NSX

    2019 GT350R with 2019 NSX....did some canyon roads in Sedona.....both very fun but very different driving experience.....NSX has tune and car is stock
  6. Am I crazy?- 1K mile road trip on carbon fiber wheels and cup 2s

    Leaving tomorrow morning - so too late lol Driving from Southern CA to Sedona AZ and back - weather looks beautiful with no chance or rain Bringing - 2 quarts of oil (only owned car a few months- has not burned any oil yet- but have only put about 300 miles on it) Wash/ Detail supplies...
  7. not sure is scam- 2018 GT350R - 28K miles for 42k?

    2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... ( Looks like carbon fiber wheels are there- clean title - seems like a deal for anyone looking for an R they can drive no? Just listed less than 24 hours ago so if anyone you go
  8. GT350R pre-runner edition??? ummmm

    Ummmm Used 2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R for sale in CHINO, CA 91710: Coupe Details - 607430719 - Autotrader
  9. 2015 GT350R - on autotrader for $299,900.00

    Used 2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R for sale in MIAMI, FL 33157: Coupe Details - 518003267 - Autotrader Was going to post in the prices are on the rise thread - but thought this might deserve its own thread ...for what they are asking better quality pictures would have been nice.....
  10. Bought a 2019 GT350R- might have paid too much but I dont care : )

    Hey everyone- owned tons and tons of Mustangs in the past- previously owned a 67 GT500- found this GT350R down in San Diego at a Ford dealership- original sticker was just under 73K- has carbon fiber dash/ B&O/navigation/ exc exc- I think only option missing is black roof- 9300K miles- a little...