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  1. New Hampshire Cover King Rear seat delete

    I've got a Coverking rear seat delete for an S550 for sale. I installed for about 20 miles and decided that I didn't like the look or the extra interior noise and reinstalled the rear seats, so almost new. $100 shipped in the lower 48.
  2. New Hampshire BMR CB006 Brace

    I've got a BMR CB006 4 point chassis brace that I've decided I'm not going to use. I purchased it here a few months ago and I've decided to stick with my Steeda 2 point brace. Comes with hardware for install, brace is in good condition, it has normal scraps, marks from being under a car, but no...
  3. Rear seat belts locked

    Long story short I installed a rear seat delete and removed the seat belts. I'm not loving the set up and thinking of reinstalling the seats. When I went to grab the seat belts, they were locked and offer almost no give. I can't reinstall with them like that, wondering if anyone else has had...
  4. New Hampshire 18+ GT350R Steering Wheel

    Selling an 18+ GT350R steering wheel in great shape. I purchased it last year off a member here, ran it last year for 1100 miles and then swapped it out for an all leather wheel this year. Nice improvement over the stock wheel but I prefer leather. Asking $400 shipped.
  5. User: Wamp

    I purchased a BMR Brace from Collin and had a smooth transaction. Unfortunately UPS "lost" the package in transit once it was in their hands and it went from a quick delivery to a Unknown delivery date. Collin was very responsive and was kind enough to reach out to UPS to get status a few times...
  6. Dyno?

    Anyone have a dyno in the NH/VT/MA area they recommend? I'm looking to get some baseline runs before I install a supercharger on my car, then some follow ups to see the gains.
  7. Spoiler install on Spoiler delete car

    I'm looking to possibly add a PP1 or Mach 1 spoiler to my 18 GT that came from the factory with the spoiler delete option. Can anyone tell me if the trunk has the holes to accommodate the nuts/bolts on the interior already? Or do you have to drill the holes interior and exterior? The OEM ford...
  8. New Hampshire WTB - GT350 Resonator

    Looking to purchase a GT350 OEM Resonator, anyone who's installed an exhaust want to sell theirs?
  9. GT350 Resonator

    Curious if anyone has tried using the GT350 OEM Resonator? They look less restrictive than the OEM GT exhaust and as someone who has the active exhaust and would like it just slightly louder, I wonder if it would fit and maybe give me the extra sound I'm looking for.
  10. New Hampshire WTB - 18+ GT350/350r Steering wheel

    Looking for a GT350/350r steering wheel for an 18+ Mustang.
  11. Ignition Coil Wire Harness Connector

    I was the lucky recipient of a family of rat's in my garage over the winter and while I thought I did a good job of repelling the little [email protected]#$%s, I was apparently wrong and they nested in the engine bay on the passenger side. While it appears that they mostly just used it as a bathroom, I found...
  12. LMR SVE R350 Fitment Issues

    I purchased a set of the SVE R350 Wheels Squared in 19x10 and added Firehawk 285/35/19 tires for it. After getting everything mounted and balanced, I've found that I'm disappointed with the way they look on the car. The wheels and color look great, IMO, but they stick out kind of far in the...
  13. New Hampshire Sold - Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber Trunk Panel - Sold

    AC carbon fiber trunk panel, great shape, and fits well. Decided to remove because I wanted to black out my car instead of carbon fiber. Comes with all necessary hardware. $210 shipped.
  14. 5.0 Badge EPS/SVG?

    Does anyone have a 5.0 badge in a eps/svg format that they would be willing to share? I tried to create my own, but I was not successful. :)
  15. New Audio System - 18 GT Premium

    I've got an 18 GT Premium with the 9 speaker system. I'd like to swap out all the speakers and add an Amp, down the line, I'd add a sub/amp as well. I've read all of the threads that relate to this but I'm still a bit confused. Ultimately, I'd like to bypass the ford amp on the drivers side...
  16. New Hampshire no longer for sale

    No longer for sale. Please delete.