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  1. Subtle cat back: Magnaflow street VS FP by Borla touring?

    You can do that yourself after an install. The Magnaflow exhaust comes in several sections. All you would have to do is loosen the clamp on that last section and move it in/out. It's so easy to install though, I would think they could do it while you wait and you could ask to look at the tips...
  2. Subtle cat back: Magnaflow street VS FP by Borla touring?

    Congrats! I'm sure you're going to like it. I think you'll also be amazed how easy the replacement is.
  3. Weird front turn signal problem

    This thing is really stumping me, hoping someone has an idea or knows a way I can test. I have the MP Concepts LED front turn signals. As you may know, MP Concepts is part of American Muscle so there is absolutely no support. I've tried talking to them and they know nothing about the lights...
  4. Is this hissing really normal?

    I'd imagine just about everyone installs the DV+ with the main spring right? I can't see giving up the boost hold, it sounds like that's a big part of the benefit. Can anyone describe the sound difference? Why would they think people wouldn't like the sound change? It's not like it sounds good...
  5. Subtle cat back: Magnaflow street VS FP by Borla touring?

    Oh, 1 thing I forgot to mention. This isn't because of the part obviously but I got the chrome tip Magnaflow and they are constantly covered in black, impossible to keep clean. Just telling you because if it were available when I bought mine and I had known, I'd have gotten the black tips.
  6. Is this hissing really normal?

    I'm not saying that's not the case, I just don't understand. It would make sense to me if i was getting it under light boost but I'm even getting it while still in vacuum, 6 in-Hg. Like you said, to me it seems like a waste. Don't bleed it off, use it.
  7. Is this hissing really normal?

    Thanks Justin, I'm leaning that way but just hung up on a couple things. Some say it gets rid of that constant hissing, some say it will always be there no matter what. Some say you have to take it apart and oil it every 5-10K miles, some say never oil it... I REALLY don't want to have to pull...
  8. Subtle cat back: Magnaflow street VS FP by Borla touring?

    I went through this whole process and selected the Magnaflow Street and love it. The tips definitely do not look gaudy. I'm old and think they look perfect in there. I was a little worried about it too when I heard the size but they actually fill the space nicely.
  9. My Illuminated Emblems by X-Lume

    1 email I sent, they answered the next business day. The next email took 3 days to get a reply so I'm guessing you'll get a reply soon if you haven't already.
  10. Is this hissing really normal?

    That would be great if you could check that and post a pic of the o-ring, let us know how it's holding up. It's really hard to tell when some feedback might be negative for some other reason. Maybe they didn't lubricate it well when initially installed and didn't want to admit it. It's great to...
  11. My Illuminated Emblems by X-Lume

    I received a reply and am happy with the response. I'm more happy the initial problem has been resolved and X-Lume is working with a different chrome plater. I really didn't want to go back to the original, unlit emblem. I really like this a lot and always get compliments on it.
  12. Is this hissing really normal?

    Thanks, that's great info! Couple questions, do you have a catch can installed and have you ever opened your DV and looked at the o-ring?
  13. S550, modified As-built data, 911 Assist prompt at start up

    I've never seen any codes posted on 911 assist. Did you backup your original .abt files for the modules you modified? If so, I'd try loading those back to default. Especially before taking it into the dealer as it might just confuse the issue and it might fix your problem.
  14. Is this hissing really normal?

    I was hoping for that but if that was the case, why would people be posting about dried up and destroyed o-rings? From what I read, it sounded like the general consensus was to lubricate it every 5k miles. That would mean every time I change my oil, I'd have to pull the DV, open it up, oil it...
  15. Need help with As-Built programming

    Well digging around on the FORScan site, I found instructions to load my save As-Built files back in. Now I'm really at a loss because it shouldn't be the programming at this point but somehow, only 1 of my lights will work at a time. With the headlight switch in auto in the daytime, only 1 of...
  16. Have 3 Snow Tire sizing options. Which one to take?

    I'm convinced that for areas with a lot (frequent) snow the Nokians would be great, I've heard a lot of people rave about them. My concern is if the tread will last in an area where they will be on dry road most of the winter. Realistically, I will probably only drive in the snow 4 -5 times...
  17. Have 3 Snow Tire sizing options. Which one to take?

    How are those tires for wear on dry pavement? I live in MD, we don't get a lot of snow but my Mustang is my only car. I use summer only tires in the summer and was looking for a set of snow tires to switch to in the winter. The all-season just don't seem to do well in the snow. I was looking at...
  18. Sensor failings. You could have one too!

    Thanks Blyman93 for sharing this. I just replaced mine, very easy. BTW, if you don't have a 24mm deep socket, check if you have a 15/16", that fits perfect and worked for me along with the 12mm wrench to hold the line. Mine cracked loose pretty easy after 5 years and about 50k miles. After...
  19. Need help with As-Built programming

    No ideas? Maybe I should try reloading the stock As-Built files but not sure how I do that. Somehow I saved each of the modules before I modified anything but I'm not sure how I would reload them. I see on my PC I have 23 .abt files with the module names. Anyone know how I reload those back in?
  20. Is this hissing really normal?

    But not the stock DV? I've never done anything with it.