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  1. Which Lug Nuts - GT350R / OEM Wheels

    Looking to ditch the stock "chrome" lug nuts. Any preference over the Gorilla ones or the Shelby open ended ones?
  2. Car won’t start

    Went to start the car today to move it for some work in the garage. Sounded it like tried to turn over but nothing. Powers on, brake pedal very stiff, light smoke from the exhaust. Drove the car yesterday and no issues. Help!!!
  3. Base OEM Lug Nut Size

    I'm wanting to get my dad a set of new lug nut sockets for Christmas, and want to be sure it includes the correct size for his new Shelby. Are they the same as the 350/R, 21mm? Thanks!
  4. Lower Stripe Part Number

    I need to replace the lower stripe on the front bumper due to a rock chip that got through the PPF and stripe, but can't seem to find just that very lower section of stripe. Does anyone have the part number for it? Would like to stay with the OEM instead of aftermarket. Thanks!
  5. Idiot mistake- ok to still use?

    Getting ready to trade in my car and wanted to take off my oil separators for my new one. As I was trying to get it out, one of the plastic expanders broke off the passenger side one. Would I be ok having just one or trying to jerry rig using a plastic wall anchor for screws?
  6. Protecting new car on trip home

    Hi all, Put a deposit down on an R, and will be picking it up once delivered. Dealer is about 70 miles from my home. I have told the dealer to not wash the car. I want to put track armor or blue tape down until I can get in for PPF, but with a dirty car, don't want to damage the paint doing...
  7. Trunk Tool Kit

    My dad's birthday is coming up, and he has hinted he wants a tool kit to keep in the back of his 500. I found this one from Roush that mounts to the trunk lid, but would love a Shelby branded one. Anyone know of one from Shelby, or any other suggestions...
  8. Track Attack November 8-9

    Anyone attending in November?
  9. First Track Day Done

    Took the 350 out for my first HPDE event this past weekend. What a blast it was! Definitely hooked and can't wait for my next one. After the nerves and rough start of my first session subsided, it was great to feel my self improving, and start seeing what the car can do! The car can definitely...
  10. Zl1 tow hook question

    I am sure this is a dumb question, but I just got the zl1 tow hook installed. Should it be free to swing, or tight enough that it stays facing downward?
  11. How to fix paint chip

    My dad is heart broken, a paint chip on the fender by his head light with less than 200 miles on the car (car is getting ppf next week or two). Is this covered under ford protection, or any suggestions on how to repair?
  12. LA PPF shops

    Any of the LA guys have someone they recommend for PPF instal? I’m waiting on a quote from Bemaro Films but wanted to see what else was out there. Do you recommend a coating on top/below the film too? Thanks!
  13. PPF install Los Angeles

    Any of the LA guys have someone they recommend for PPF instal? I’m waiting on a quote from Bemaro Films but wanted to see what else was out there. Do you recommend a coating on top/below the film too? Thanks!
  14. My dad’s new GT500

    My dad finally purchased his dream car today, a 2020 gt500 in twister orange! He is head over heals in love. Of course I had to go with my 350 for the pick up!
  15. First track day- self tech form question

    I'm looking to do my first track day, and the group I'm signing up with has a self tech form. They ask if street tires have more than 2/32" of tread. I have my OEM Cup 2 tires still (less than 3k street driven miles) which I'm sure you all know, have very shallow tread as is. Will I be ok with...
  16. Possible first track day-questions

    I’m thinking of signing up for my first track day (at willow springs via extreme speed events- if anyone has feedback on them, that’d be awesome!), and have some questions -how many laps can I expect for a day at the track? -gas, is a full tank enough for the day? Should I bring gas cans...
  17. Polishing with no swirls

    Would doing a polish before a coat of wax add anything to make the paint "pop"? Car has no swirls that I can see, but would love to have the metallic in the paint pop some more than with just wax thanks!
  18. Is this normal? Brakes looked engaged

    I took the car out for the first time in a little while, and something didn’t “feel right”. Looked around and it looks like the brakes are engaged on all 4. I’ve never noticed this before, is this normal?
  19. Water spot etching on stripes

    My car got stuck in the rain while I had a repair man working in the garage on the water heater. Looks like I have some water spots on the stripes that won’t come off. I have a coat of wax on the stripes too. Any other way I can protect against this happening again?
  20. Incorrectly installed splitter?

    I can see a gap in the front as seen in the pic, but looking under the car, it seems all the screws are installed on the underside?