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  1. Adding remote start

    Hey guys, Anyone here install one of the Ford modules (JS7Z-19A361-A) to add remote start to your Mustang? Just got a quote from the dealer... "3 hours of tech time which comes to $497.88 plus tax". I'm providing the module. Is this in line with your dealership, or your self-install...
  2. Christmas in May

    Looky what FedEx brought me! Unfortunately, my seat bottom cushion won't be here until June, so I get to stare at this box for a while. Looking forward to shedding the fabric.
  3. Texas FS: Set of base 17" wheels - Dallas (Wylie) $200

    FS: 17" base wheels off my 2018 Ecoboost. Tires are DONE. Wheels are in great shape, no curb rash. TPMS sensors are working. $200 Pickup only
  4. Transmission Temperature - Fluid loss

    Hey guys, Took the car on its first trip this weekend. No issues going, big issues coming home. It's about 110 miles of various highways. Did some 'spirited' slow traffic passing on a few occasions, and got about 5 miles from home and the transmission started acting indecisive on which gear...
  5. New stable occupant -Royal Crimson

    Hey guys, some of you may know from my coolant leak thread last week that the V6 is gone and has been replaced. She arrived from San Juan Texas last week, and I devoted today to get her in shape. Let's just say the previous owner wasn't a paint care expert. I was in the garage from 7:15a until...
  6. Transmission service in Dallas

    Hey guys, This is a question for those of you who live in Dallas, and have had / plan to get your A10 serviced. By serviced, I mean a pan drop, filter change, and refill. Anybody here had any luck making a dealership understand this concept? Planet Ford in Dallas couldn't even price it, so he...
  7. Remote start

    Hey guys., Just picked up a 2018 EcoBoost. Didn't all these cars come standard with remote start? The only fob I was given has no start button.
  8. How serious? Possible coolant leak

    Hey guys, for the last couple of days after arriving home I'm get the slight smell of coolant as I walk past the front of the car. Finally did some poking around and found a greasy area under what looks like a coolant tube around the thermostat housing area. This looks like it carries coolant...
  9. War of the Rodents

    'Tis war at the blue Mustang house today. Came out to my garage last night to catch a rat red-handed on my workbench eating a package of insulation I had bought over the summer. He dove behind the tool chest and went down the front of the garage and I guess he got under the lawn mower. I...
  10. Looking for dash cam suggestions

    Hey guys, looking for a dash cam. Currently have one that is trying my patience, so it needs to go. What I like about my current cam: Records to a micro SD and videos can be downloaded to my phone on demand. Doesn't upload anything to the cloud using my phone's data. Power cord is micro USB...
  11. Spotted - Plano, Texas

    Couldn't get my phone out in time to snap a pic, so I'll just see if the owner is on here. Who's the lucky chap driving the white Mach 1, at the intersection of Plano Parkway and Shiloh, in Plano at 6:15 this morning? You had an admirer sitting over your left shoulder at the left turn...
  12. Street racers....go to the track

    Tisk tisk.
  13. Fighting words

    Might be interesting to know how much hate mail the author of this article got. know what they say about opinions.
  14. Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone here has replaced their clutch master cylinder, and if so, what's the difficulty level? I see that it's mounted to the brake & clutch pedal assembly, but I can't imagine it would be considered easy. Bought the car in May, and 3 or 4 times since then, usually...
  15. Texas Base door panels / parts FREE

    If anybody in the Dallas area needs a / a pair of base model door panels, or if anybody anywhere needs parts off of them, let me know. Free for pickup, or pay only for parts shipping. I have a complete set. They go in the dumpster on Friday.
  16. Undisclosed (No Longer Looking) WTB - 50th anniversary grille

    I know it's a longshot, but can't hurt to put feelers out. Looking for a 50th Anniversary "corral" grille. Anyone?
  17. Oh the humanity

    Browsing some wrecking yards for some stuff I want, and happened across this. Brutal wreck from the looks of it. Sad ending for a beauty like that...
  18. Getting the itch again

    After all the trouble I went through to get it, I'm thinking about getting rid of the V6. I love so many things about it, but am getting weary of the 6-speed. Found this about 50 miles from my house. It's pretty much set up the way I'd want it with the wheels and leather. Just wondering...
  19. Hood Bumpers - Source?

    Hey guys, Can't find these in any of the online OEM parts suppliers. They don't even show up on the hood diagrams. Anyone know where I can get a set of these, aside of hunting through wrecking yards?
  20. Wheel Boxes - Anybody need them?

    Hey guys, I have 8 wheel boxes in my attic that I need gone. Would like someone in need to have them, rather than tearing them down and sending off to 'recycling'. Message me if you're local to Dallas, I'll put them out in front of my house for you to grab. Thanks!