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  1. Where to sell a grill?

    The kind you cook on, not for a car. I'm sure this is an odd question, but my wife won't let me sell anything on Craig's list, so I'm stumped.
  2. Vroom appraisal?

    I have to sell my GT convertible. I have received a decent price from Vroom. Is there anything I should be aware of regarding their offer? I am a bit concerned they don't pay immediately.
  3. Anyone in Milwaukee area interested in slot cars?

    I have a hand-routed 1/32 scale, 60' track, commercial grade controllers and over 30 cars. Always looking for more people! PM me if you would like to give it a try.
  4. Back pain?

    I enjoy my GT convertible and I thought I would be keeping it for a few years. However, I seem to be experiencing considerable sciatic nerve pain after driving it for more than about 1/2 hour. My car is a GT premium convertible with the heated and cooled leather power seats. Has anyone else...
  5. Mustang puzzle...

    Here's something to do as the weather gets colder and COVID-19 goes on:
  6. GPS fail

    My GPS seems to not know where my car is. I was driving due west and GPS had me heading northeast into Lake Michigan. After I parked the car in my garage for awhile, I turned it on and waited for it to load a map. I don't know what it loaded, but it was nowhere near where my house is. When I was...
  7. Has anyone driven a Jaguar F Type S V8 convertible?

    I have a 2018 Mustang GT convertible with the A10. In general, I think it's a real nice car. Ride is decent, handling is very good for it's size, performance is nice, but a bit weak on the low end. But, it's much bigger and heavier than what I am used to (Porsche 911 and a few other sports...
  8. Is it feasible to change rear-end gears in 2018 GT Premium convertible?

    The 3.15 gears seem a little too tall for the engine. 3.55 seems like a better choice, especially for a convertible. Is swapping gears a big deal? I was also thinking of wider rims and tires. I assume wider 18" wheels and tires would fit OK?
  9. Deals on superchargers?

    I have read a number of threads where people bought the setup they have because they got a great deal. But, I haven't found any. 2018 GT A10 convertible premium package. Most seem to come out to around $8k or more.
  10. How do I tell what model my Mustang GT is?

    I bought my 2018 GT used from a leasing company, so they really didn't have a lot of information. My car has 18" wheels, a digital dash, leather interior with ventilated seats (it has heat and cool seat controls), the A10 transmission. It is a convertible. It has navigation and backup camera. I...
  11. Rousch/Ford Supercharger?

    I have read a number of posts about the Rousch/Ford supercharger: 1. A ford dealer can install it. 2. It doesn't void your warranty 3. It is designed for a stock 2018 5.0 engine 4. It has it's own 3/36 warranty. 5. It produces 700 hp and over 600 fpt. I am wondering how much of this is true and...