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  1. SEMA Action Network REPAIR Act Legislation

    As this concerns all owners of automobiles I’m posting it here for all to see. The REPAIR Act is a bipartisan bill to ensure vehicle manufacturers cannot withhold proper diagnostic and repair information so that the general public and privately owned shops can continue to repair vehicles as...
  2. 2021 GT500 Recaro seat covers (F+R) plus steering wheel

    I’m selling my take-off Recaro seat covers (front and rear seats) and steering wheel from my 2021 GT500. Driver’s seat has approximately 6500 miles of my rear end in them, back seats have only been sat in once by my kids and I very rarely ever have passengers so the seats are all in great...
  3. Lethal H-pipe drone issue

    Curious if anyone else has the Lethal H pipe and is experiencing drone with it? I get drone between 1500-1600 rpm and it’s quite pronounced. It’s annoying enough that I put the car into manual and up or downshift. I’ve also notice a warble drone, in which holding a steady RPM I’ll get a drone...
  4. Nice build with JL Audio products

    Saw this on Facebook and thought y’all would enjoy it (I have no involvement in this build or the shop, just sharing) Nice craftsmanship!
  5. B&O sub RCA conversion pigtail available

    Saw this pop up in my news feed today. I haven’t called them to confirm fitment with the Mustang harness but I can’t imagine Ford going out of their way to use different parts for similar systems. Anywho, maybe this will help someone wanting to do a sub swap and aftermarket amp install. Using...
  6. Interior view of B&O subwoofer enclosure

    So I was going to sell this as I no longer need it but then gravity and my butter fingers decided otherwise. So, for those who are wondering what the inside of the B&O sub look like, here ya go. As you can see it’s a pretty basic plastic box. No built in amp, but for some reason the sub has...
  7. Vegas owners keep an eye out!

    Someone local to Vegas had his late son’s mustang stolen right out of his driveway. Keep an eye out and report any potential leads to the LVPD.
  8. Need ideas for attaching amp power wire to battery

    Short and sweet, I have an H5 sized battery in the car which is slightly taller than OEM. There’s very little room to work with inside the box to attach a 1/0 power cable so I’m curious what others have done. I’d prefer not to remove the stock positive terminal clamp but will do so if it comes...
  9. High-rez vector file of the cobra?

    Looking to see if anyone has a high resolution vector image of the new style Cobra badge?
  10. New Battery Option for us audiophiles

    Like many of you I’m severely disappointed in the craptastic battery we have. Many folks use the XS Power D4700 with variable results in fitment. Another option is the Odyssey 96-600R. The case for the D4700 is 7 5/8” tall which prevents the cover panel from being securely installed and has...
  11. 3.5” speaker hole size?

    Anyone ever measure or know the size of the speaker cutout for 3.5” door speakers? Wondering if a 4” midrange will fit when properly spaced.
  12. Florida NIB JL Audio C5-653 3-way component set

    I purchased this set from a shop that was closing but have decided to go a different direction. These were an open-box however they’ve never been hooked up or mounted and all accessories are included. Here’s the specs from JL’s website...
  13. New steering wheel on the way

    Never been a big fan of leaving things “as is” with my vehicles and with being one of the contact points for us and our cars the steering wheel is a great place to start. I spent some time looking at the available options from Beith, MPR, and others. While they make some nice wheels, I found...
  14. Lethal Resonator delete H-pipe available for order

    Just ordered one. These are built by Stainless Works for Lethal so you know it’s a quality piece. Lethal H-pipe Res Delete
  15. Need help ASAP

    I had my springs swapped out yesterday and today I saw this while inspecting the work on my right front strut. The brake line rubs against the vertical link to the sway bar when the wheel is turned. Was this reinstalled improperly? I’d appreciate it if anyone could check theirs and ease my mind...
  16. Looking to buy center console trim panel

    I know there’s a WTB section but since this is 2020+ GT500 specific I thought I’d reach the target audience better here. I’m looking for a spare center console trim. The one that holds the shifter, cup holders, etc. Anyone have a spare? Even if it’s scratched it’s no biggie. Looking to do...
  17. Difference in dust between stock and Powerstop Z26 pads (pics)

    I’ve seen a number of folks asking about the dust difference between the stock GT500 brake pads and the Powerstop Z26. I’ve had my front Z26 pads on for awhile now and while they aren’t “as” dusty they aren’t dust free. Here are two pics, one of the rear wheel with stock pads and one of the...
  18. Seat question

    Can anyone verify if the GT350 and the GT500 have the same Recaro seats?
  19. Close call caught on dash cam

    On my way home from work today and this idiot decides the space I'm occupying is more important to them.
  20. Do not shop with Lincoln Parts Outlet

    Long story short, I tried to buy OEM springs from them and they refused to sell them to me since my VIN didn’t match. (They are a direct fit regardless what their system says). I explained it to them and they still refused to sell me the parts. Don’t waste your time with these clowns.