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  1. E85 quality, good enough for a tune?

    So I’ve been contemplating the PBD tune with a flex fuel tune but just not sure the quality of my E85 at the only gas station around me is good enough. So I bought a tester bottle off Amazon and here are my results. Is barely 70% ok?
  2. Lund Tune on A10 Mach

    So I’ve been researching tuners the last few months. Calling them directly or messaging questions. I’ve learned a lot about E85 and although it’s best for power gains, that’s not really my main concern as I think the Mach is plenty powerful already. It’s the downshifting jerkyness of the A10...
  3. Steeda Tune for 10-speed

    Hey everyone, I'm looking into different Tune options for my Mach 1 A10. I had a Steeda Tune on my 15GT Manual and was happy with it. I'd like to know from anyone with a 18-21 A10 that has a Steeda Tune how it changed the shifting on the 10-speed Thanks!
  4. Mach 1 Track Attack - October 14 - 15

    Alright guys, this time I got it right. I'm all booked for Oct 14,15 which is a Thursday, Friday, not the Monday Tuesday that my stupid brain booked by mistake. Fortunately they didn't charge me to reschedule. Anyone else going these dates? $205 round trip from Chicago... what a deal! I am...
  5. Mach 1 Track Attack - Oct 18,19

    Hey all, I just registered for the Track Attack October 18,19. Figured I'd start a thread for anyone else that's planning on these dates too. Couple questions... -Are you paying the $200 insurance? -Are you getting the $180 Camera feed USB? -Where are you staying?
  6. Mach 1 Owners Kit is for real

    Someone posted theirs on a Facebook group. This will be really cool to have! Thanks Ford!
  7. Mach 1 1st oil change & Track night

    Hey all, I have a bit of a dilemma. My plan was to do my first oil change at 3000 miles which I'm at 2700 miles now. Next Thursday night I'm signed up for my first track event. It's beginner level, follow instructor around the road course and then autocross as well. Total 3.5 hours including...
  8. Mach 1 is a "Ford Performance" Vehicle

    I just got off the phone with a very nice guy at the Ford performance Track Attack facility. I asked him specifically if the Mach 1 is a "Ford Performance" vehicle because there has been confusion on this. He said positively it is or it would not be in the Track Attack program. So mystery...
  9. Mach 1 Drive Modes

    So I've got about 1600 miles on my Mach now and I'm starting to play more with the drive modes. I've never had an A10 before, came from a 15GT manual premium with drive modes as well. I'm noticing that Track mode quiets down the exhaust and does not seem as responsive as Sport+ mode with track...
  10. Mach 1 Gas Guzzler Tax

    So after hearing multiple people say that Auto’s don’t get the tax now, I went to to check out window stickers . Attached are the first 5 autos near me. Sure enough none have it now. WTF! How should we get our money back from Ford??
  11. Mach 1 Resonator Delete Different than 18-21GT?

    So I was about to order a H-Pipe from Steeda today.. I looked under my car and noticed it doesn't look the same as pics on the website. Seems like extra cooling under the trans. I called Steeda and they said they aren't sure if it will fit yet. Has anyone tried? Thanks
  12. Mach 1 Oil Change

    Hey guys, I'm creeping up on a thousand miles and I think I may change the oil early after break-in at 1000. Any tips. Is it much different than my 15GT which I've done many times? I read there is some kind of gt350 oil filter adapter, what does this mean for me? Planning on doing 10qts...
  13. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    Hey all, So I Picked it up tonight. Special ordered back in October. Put the first 40 miles on the Mach on a drive to pick up our favorite tacos, wife even drove with our puppy in the back. Spent the last couple hours in the garage going over everything and all I can say is wow... I’m impressed...
  14. Mach1 order Poll- Stick or Auto?

    I’m interested to see which was more appealing to those paying a premium for the Mach1
  15. Next step for more Power

    So, I need some advice, I'm looking for the next safe step to get a little more power for around a grand total installed. Right now I have a 15gt manual, with a Steeda Tune, CAI, and Borla Catback. Car runs great, idles perfect and I really have no complaints other than I've gotten used to it...
  16. Illinois Steeda Rear IRS Subframe Support Braces - USED

    Removed after about a year and half of use. They work great! There is some corrosion that can be treated and then paint if you want. $100 + Shipping
  17. Conti ExtremeContact Sport VS Michelin PS4S

    Hey guys, I know this subject has been covered before in older threads and I have done lots of reading on these tires but I'm looking to get current opinions from the forum. I'm looking to replace my Nitto 555's on my 15 GT. used mainly for street, spirited driving. Let me start by saying I...
  18. Wheel size w/spacers and Brembo's ?

    Hey everyone, I was thinking about trading my 15Gt in for a 20 performance pack. I use 18" wheels and spacers for looks with winter tires for part of the year. I have read 18" wheels will not clear the Brembo brakes but if I use spacers will it clear then or is it more the inside diameter of...
  19. Illinois 2018-2019 GT Intake Manifold, Fuel Rail, & Throttle Body

    This was all taken off a brand new 19 gt that someone installed a supercharger on before taking delivery from the dealership. I was going to install this on my 15 gt but decided not to at this time. $320 + Shipping