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  1. Katzkins in a Mach?

    Debating a set of red Katzkin seat covers for the Mach to replace the factory black with gray stripe. Something similar to the factory GT showstopper red interior. Thinking they would look sharp with the silver car and black/red graphics but not sure if it would look too tacky or over the top...
  2. Outrunning the cops?! Wow. Dumbass. Although people may not feel comfortable posting such things, anyone ever try to avoid law enforcement with their cars? I did as a stupid young guy, 30+ yrs ago. On an interstate doing about 80 in a 55 at...
  3. Pennsylvania Stock GT350 X-Pipe & Resonators $175 shipped

    SOLD As the title says. Bought used to try to retrofit to my car but changed my mind. $175 with free shipping to the lower 48.
  4. Painting Brake Calipers Red

    When I bought the Mach, $495 for red calipers seemed like a pretty hefty price so I didn't get them. Then after getting the car and catching the car show bug I regretted it. Sooooo.... today I painted them. About 10 hours of work, didn't expect it to take that long but I did some things that...
  5. Pennsylvania WTB stock GT350 resonated X pipe

    Thinking about trying one on the Mach 1.
  6. GT350 stock X-pipe on a GT?

    Wondering if anyone has installed a stock GT350 X-pipe with resonators on a GT. Curious to see what it took to get it installed with the different tubing sizes, and what it sounded like.
  7. Painting base 5-spoke wheels black

    I have a set of base 5-spoke wheels that I use for winter with all-seasons but didn't like the dark gray finish against my silver car so I painted them gloss black and am really happy with the results. First, obviously, clean the wheels with wheel cleaner and let them totally dry. The trick is...
  8. SCT BDX $150 shipped

    SOLD SCT BDX programmer. Bought used but never used it. Updated it prior to listing just to make sure it works. Unlocked and unmarried. $150 PayPal with free shipping to the lower 48.
  9. Do NOT try to dye your seat back stripe!

    So I thought it would look cool if the "dove gray" seat back stripe was red, like the orange stripe in the FJG cars. Researched leather dyes and corresponded with Clyde's Leather Company, sending them pics of the seat back and explaining what I wanted to do. They said it would work great, and...
  10. Mach 1 with H-pipe or X-pipe?

    In general I love the Mach 1 exhaust, and in track mode it's plenty loud enough. Considering possibly an H-pipe just for a little deeper tone / less splatty noise at high RPM's. Probably not doing an X-pipe. Anyone with only the H-pipe as an exhaust mod (no headers) that can comment? I had...
  11. Cervical ruptured disc anyone?

    So I have a C5-6 herniated disc in my neck. Have been dealing with it for 3 yrs but the past 2 months have been horrible, I can’t stand upright or walk without feeling like my whole right arm is being electrocuted. They are recommending either disc replacement or fusion surgery. Anyone else...
  12. Anyone own Mach 1 AND GT350?

    Much like @shogun32 is able to give good advice on comparisons between a GT and a Camaro SS 1LE due to owning both, I’m interested in thoughts of anyone who traded their GT350 for a Mach 1, or who owns both. Hoping to keep this free of clutter of debate about which is better unless you own or...
  13. Pennsylvania Ford Performance Hood Strut Kit- Brand New

    Brand new never used M-16826-MA hood strut kit. $80 with free shipping and no tax.
  14. Mach 1 Appreciation Thread

    In the spirit of @dethmaShine 's A10 appreciation thread, it feels like a general appreciation thread for the Mach might be nice. We have the ripoff thread, the order tracking threads, the orders cancelled threads, the threads of people wanting to try to convince themselves that GT350's are so...
  15. Tapping noise in engine or transmission?

    Posted this in the Mach 1 section without much success so trying here. New Mach 1 with the Tremec manual and 200 miles on it. Sitting at idle with the transmission in neutral, you can hear a faint metal-on-metal tapping or knocking noise and can lightly feel it if you put your hand on the...
  16. Cup 2 tire damage during removal from wheel

    Recently purchased a Mach 1 with the handling package, which comes with 305/30-19 front and 315/30-19 rear Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Removed the wheels and tires from the car as soon as I got it home from the dealer, so they only have 10 miles on them. On Friday I took them to a local...
  17. Mach 1 Emblem Trim Color

    I may have found a way to paint over the silver trim on the side and rear Mach 1 emblems and am trying to decide if it would look good or tacky, and what color might look the best. The car color obviously plays a role, it's silver with the black and red side stripe. Interested in opinions on...
  18. Pennsylvania Cup 2’s, 305/30 and 315/30

    SOLD Set of new take-off Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, removed from a 2021 Mach 1 at 10 miles. Still mounted on the wheels but will separate (wheels not included). 305/30-19 fronts and 315/30-19 rears. $1700.
  19. Knocking noise in Tremec

    Noticing that when the car is idling in neutral with my hand on the shift knob, you can both hear and feel a faint metal on metal knocking and it's creeping me out. Anyone else experiencing this? No trouble shifting, what a joy this transmission is otherwise.
  20. Pennsylvania 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheels & TPMS

    SOLD New take-offs, mint condition, removed at 10 miles. Will ship on your dime. PM me an offer.