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  1. Never Normal Mode

    With my 2015, I could. With my 2019, it says it can't.
  2. Never Normal Mode

    I just wish I could revert the steering back to normal or comfort even, with the throttle sensitivity going to Sport mode.
  3. "You scratched his wheels bro." - Ford service dash cam

    Just received a call from one of the stone cold/borderline rude service reps. "Since we don't have any pictures of your car before, we are going to go ahead and repair your wheel. There is no way it happened in our shop as we don't have side walks, or any of that." "Are you sure?" I said...
  4. Road rage incident

    This is her 5th time? Wow.
  5. Road rage incident

    I've learned to always de-escalate and diffuse the situation. Be the good guy. One time, I woke up to my car with several baseball bat dents on the hood, and on the side of the hood where it meets the fender. The guy whom I got into an argument with must've came back later at night after I...
  6. "You scratched his wheels bro." - Ford service dash cam

    Appreciate it. I live in an apartment, so I really don't know where to go. I have a dealer that I really trust, and always took it there except this one time! These knuckleheads is 3 miles away from me, so I was in a hurry and took it there one time. They overcharged me for 2 oil changes, so I...
  7. "You scratched his wheels bro." - Ford service dash cam

    Does anyone know why my car couldn't back up? It was stuck.
  8. "You scratched his wheels bro." - Ford service dash cam

    It is BlackVue DR900X So, what now? What happened with the lifting? They lifted it first and then brought it down. I thought the rear was not lifting. They also could not reverse it, blaming it on the frozen brakes. Which was strange. Then lifted the car up to work on the lug nuts.
  9. "You scratched his wheels bro." - Ford service dash cam

    Dropped my car off for oil change on Friday at the Ford dealership nearby. Noticed the curb rash today (3 days later) about 7 miles after. I didn't drive over the weekend, and all left hand turns from the dealer to my house, so no way in hell I did it. Luckily I caught it on the dash cam. As a...
  10. Engine Sound

    Have a 2019 GT, and same sound and across the RPM band like you 2k - 3k. It is annoying. However mine does it all the time, cold or hot.
  11. I DON'T have the tick but I have the 2K Rattle

    Same sounds with a pre 2018 engine. I have a 2019 GT PP2, and I have the same sound and across the same RPM range as this poster.
  12. Ford Performance released its PP2 replica wheels

    Same size as originals. 10.5 front and 11 rears. I don't know what this particular one is. I can't tell the difference between 10.5 and 11's. Does anyone know how to tell the difference? I am hoping my dealer put them on correctly and did not assume the wheels are the same size!!
  13. Ford Performance released its PP2 replica wheels

    I just got the wheels and my all seasons (275/35R19's) installed on these wheels. Overall, the look is better than I had anticipated. I am leaning on liking it more than the stock wheelset to be honest, and the black is slightly glossy black, not flat black without clear coat as seen on some...
  14. Ford Performance released its PP2 replica wheels

    Thanks. However, it is impossible to find 305/30R19 all seasons... The only decent one I had found was the Continental DWS06's which the largest size was 275/35R19's which fit closest to the OEM setup. 305/30R19's 275/35R19's
  15. Ford Performance released its PP2 replica wheels

    Yeah, I guess I may hold off and do that. You have no protection?! Try running 275's on 10.5/11 inch wheels lol. I park about a foot away from the curb because of that. I will post pictures later. Hi Gismo, is this 10 inch square setup? Should I go for this setup with the replicas to use my...
  16. Ford Performance released its PP2 replica wheels

    Thank you guys, really appreciate it. My concern is that the tires are a bit stretched on the 10.5/11's and prone to curb rashes, and having a shorter sidewall, etc, hence my thinking of going smaller on the wheels. Given that the OEM size ones are on sale, you guys recommend I go for those...
  17. Ford Performance released its PP2 replica wheels

    Hello guys, Newbie here. I have a PP2 (10.5 front and 11 rears) and currently have 275/35R19 Continental All Seasons. If I get the wheels below (9.5/10 setup), can I install the 275's that I currently have? I need a spare set for winter/summer and want to put stock tire sizes 305/30R19's on...
  18. EcoBoost (NEW/Sealed)CPE Intercooler, $250, local preferred

    Hi Darf - yes, still available.