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  1. Iowa Armageddon Turbo PCM Relocate/Wire Tuck Kit

    Armageddon wire tuck kit. Purchased from another member for my 19 GT but Will not be using it. Was told the brackets are for 18+ but have no way to confirm. Printed off instructions and included as well. $200 OBO shipped
  2. Iowa Fore fuel lines and Hobbs switch

    Fuel lines I didn’t use and a new Hobbs switch with pigtail. Fore flex line -8 with fittings as pictured. End to end lengths 13 1/4” 16” 52” 55” $125 shipped for the four lines and Hobbs w/pigtail.
  3. Iowa 2019 PP1 Whippled A10

    Due to unforeseen circumstances I am putting my car on the market for now unfortunately. It’s a 2019 PP1 Mustang GT with 401A package. Window sticker is in the photos. Car has only been rained on one time, stored on raceramp flat stoppers. I am the original owner and I have done every...
  4. Iowa Quik-Latch QL-50

    Selling a set of quik latch hood pins I purchased for my Vicrez hood. Decided not to install them. One does have a little line on it as I didn’t scuff it good enough before cerakoting them as you can see under the LED light. They are brand new and including the proper hole saws I purchased to...
  5. Iowa Whipple fuel rails from 18+ kit

    Selling a few parts from my whipple stage 2 kit. 38lb injectors-$150 SOLD Dw400 pump complete drop in-$280 SOLD Whipple billet fuel rails- $200 shipped upgraded fuel system just before winter and just doing some spring cleaning.
  6. Iowa Whipple Tomahawk handheld tuner

    New, never used as I had Lund. Think I tried to look up my car code to get a tune but never did anything else with it. New in box. $200 shipped
  7. Iowa Apple Watch Series 5 44mm

    Series 5 Apple Watch. 44mm. GPS-non cellular. Worn for maybe a month with a diff band. Original bands still sealed and charging cable/block never removed from package. Selling for $210 shipped.
  8. Iowa Steeda cold air intake for 18+

    Selling a Steeda cai with insert and new filter as I used my K&N that was already on the car. Box and intake pipe are Oxford white. This fits 18+ GT. $200 shipped- price dropped
  9. STANG INVASION! Oskaloosa IA 06/05

    Hope to see some of you there tomorrow. Sounds like 700+ mustangs. Meet spots set up all over for people out of town and driving in.
  10. Stang invasion..... Oskaloosa Iowa. Anyone here going?

    June 5th. Anyone here going??? Sounds like there are many meeting spots depending where you are coming from. Looks to be a large event this year. Never been before but I am going.
  11. Iowa 2019 PP1 wheels n tires

    Selling my performance pack wheels and tires from my 2019. 7k miles on em. Not a mark on em. TPMS sensors still installed and lugs included. Located in bettendorf Iowa. Not shipping. $1000.00 takes em.
  12. 2021 Ford Raptor info....

    Just heard from an inside source that the new Raptor will come standard with a 7.3L (427) and an optional supercharged V8... I would assume a 5.0 but not sure as of yet. Gonna be way better than the 3.5 ecoboost in that tank i'm sure. If anyone was wondering :ontheloo:
  13. Gen 5 stage 2 whipple on my 19

    Just finished up my whipple install. Was quite simple. Emailed whipple about the tune for the tomahawk since I have it from the kit on Saturday but dunno if it went through. Site just erred out when I tried to send. But I’m on the Lund start up tune and hopefully make some progress tomorrow...
  14. Iowa 18-20 JLT 3.0 Oil separator

    Putting a whipple on this weekend. No longer need this. Had on for about 1k miles. Like new and works great!!! Have to upgrade to the UPR whipple can. Free shipping in US. $135 PayPal friends n fam. Or $140 as reg PayPal. 18 n up GT or Bullitt. Passenger side.
  15. Iowa Steeda 1” wheel spacers like new

    Steeda 1" (25mm) wheel spacers, set of four. only selling cause I have drag wheels n don't wanna have to remove 40 lugs everytime i wanna switch em. $105 shipped
  16. Installed new tips 18-20 active exhaust

    So I finally got around to installing tips to my active exhaust since I love the factory mufflers. I purchased 4 4”x12” stainless rolled edge tips. I used an abrasive chop saw. I cut the outside tips 6.5” in length and inside tips 6” in length. This is from the longest part of the slash back...
  17. This looks promising! Aug 2nd 2020 death race? Pay per view

    21 crown vics on nitrous? 100 laps? oh yea, count me in!!!!!
  18. Iowa RTR hood vents 18+

    Purchased from a member but have decide to keep the original white ones on my hood. Never installed them. Brand new. $120 shipped via PayPal friends n fam
  19. Iowa RTR grill lights 18-19 NIB

    Selling a brand new set of RTR plug n play LED grill lights for 18-20 RTR grill. Accidentally bought two sets. Never used, only opened to take picture. $200.00 shipped Paypal friends n fam or pay the extra fee
  20. RTR Black Friday deal

    Seen this and thought I’d share in case someone missed it. Great deal!!!!