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  1. Semiconductor Shortage Easing...

    The beginning of the great semi unwind... Samsung Electronics Slashes Orders on Inflation and Inventory Worries: Report | Barron's (
  2. Is this the most powerful UK Mustang?

    What do you guys think of this new modified Mustang? 2022 Silver Ford Mustang CS850R CS850R 5.0 2dr for sale for £139,000 in London, Middlesex (
  3. Will Financial Markets Fall Impact Demand?

    Broad question for the community; Do you think the recent decline in share prices and cryptocurrencies will decrease the demand for GT's and Mach 1's? [On the supply side, I know the chip shortage will continue to keep supply tight on the car market] However, we are starting to see cracks in...
  4. Change your mind about Mach 1 Mods?

    Just wondering, has anybody done a mod to a Mach 1 that in retrospect they either regretted or just thought was unnecessary or not worth it? It could be anything from small to large mods. Just wondering before I mod my M1, if I should reconsider anything. Thanks for the advice guys & gals.
  5. Mach 1 vs Taycan Turbo

    My Mach 1 hasn't arrived yet, but my dad has a Porsche Taycan Turbo and riding in his car is seems extremely fast both in a straight line & sharp turns. Even with all weather tires on it. Do I stand any chance? Be honest please.
  6. Whipple Stage 1 with A10 Auto

    Does anybody have experience with a Stage 1 Whipple & A10 automatic? Do you use the flight control to reduce power in early gears? How does the car drive overall on the street? Thanks.
  7. UK Carbon Fiber Bonnet

    CMST in the US is one place that I've found that makes forged carbon fiber bonnets. They will ship to the UK. The shipping charges range from $1,200 to $2,000 depending on how fast you want it delivered. I so wish we lived in America, mod-ing a Stang would be so much easier and cheaper. Then...
  8. Assisted Burnouts via Washer Jets?

    In the 1970's, my buddy installed windshield wiper jets in the rear wheel wells of his Dodge Charger. He filled the tank with water & bleach. When he wanted to do a burnout, he would press the button and the rear tires would be sprayed with water and bleach to help make big white smokey...
  9. UK Mach 1's for sale

    Autotrader is now showing 11 Mach 1's for sale in the UK. There was 11-12 about six months ago, then it halved and now it's back up to double digits. 9 are in JFG.
  10. Buying 315/30 R19 tyres in the UK?

    Where do guys that have the handling pack wheels buy your Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 315/30 R19 tyres? It looks like several places sell 315's in 20 inch, but not in 19 inch. I found Tyres Outlet selling 19 inch ones for £331.50. Any other places? Better prices? Cheers
  11. Mach 1 HP

    I live in the UK where we cannot get the handling package installed via the factory. However, some people install the package as a mod. I've read all the reviews about the Mach 1 HP tramlining on the road. My question is, I am not going to track the car & it will be equipped with PS4S tires...
  12. Mach 1 UK YouTube Channel

    Guys, if you want to check out my YouTube Channel, you can follow along as I share my Mach 1 journey. Cheers Mustang Mach 1 Wash & Detail - YouTube
  13. Y-Spoke Alloy Wheel Color

    Guys, in going from 2021 to 2022, did Ford change the color of the Y-Spoke Alloy Wheels? They seem darker, but I don't know if that's just the configurator? Thanks for your help.
  14. Insurance for Mod Cars in the UK

    Question for all UK guys running mechanically modified Mustangs, who do you use to insure your modified car and how much extra do you think it costs? And what mods have you done...headers, exhaust, supercharger, suspension, etc? Thanks!
  15. Mach 1 mods

    I would welcome all suggestions and experiences. I'm considering changing up my Mach 1. The car is strictly used on the road, never tracked. I also want to keep the car very reliable. I will be keeping the car naturally aspirated, no super charger or turbos. What would you guys suggest...
  16. H2O Car Valeting

    Anybody ever watch these guys clean a car? I saw them this week in London, no snow foam before putting the mitts on the car. Didn't wash the wheels first. The best was taking the mitt from the bottom of the car and putting it up top! I cannot imagine how many swirl marks they put in cars w/o...
  17. Please help, stolen rear brake covers?

    Dear Forum, I'm really hoping you can help me out. I have a 2021 Mach 1 and today I noticed what I thought were missing rear brake covers. But just to be sure, can somebody tell me if this looks like the cover is missing, or is this the way it is supposed to look? Does anyone have a pic of...
  18. Anybody bored with their car?

    I've owned my 2021 Mach 1 for about six weeks. I very much like the car, and living in the UK the car definitely gets a lot of attention from admirers. My question is for anyone that owns a performance car (any make) in a dense urban area. For me, it takes at least 20-25 minutes to get to a...
  19. UK modification & tuner shops

    Who are the most reputable Mustang tuners & mod shops in the UK? I know some modify cars cosmetically, but I'm focused on performance modifiers. So far, I've heard of the following: Modurstang Clive Sutton MAP-Motorsport and Performance Hendy Performance GT101 Puma Build American Muscle UK...
  20. Any meets inside the M25?

    Any clubs in the Greater London area?