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  1. Username Change

    Hello Mods. Could you change my username Thanks
  2. First Time at Track with Roush Supercharger/Cooling kit

    Went to the track today for the first time since the SC and cooling kit were installed. Don't know how they compare but I was happy with the results. Temperature was 43°F and I was on A/S 3+ so I opted for the 1/3 mile roll. I was around 145-147 mph, and hit 151 mph on the fourth run. I did five...
  3. Drag Raceing in the Cold

    There is a track event tomorrow, 1/4 and 1/3mile, but its going to be 39-40°F. On the car I have PS A/S 3+, and then I have a set of ET Street Rs for the rear. From searching its seems the consensuses is not to use the MTs on the 1/3 track. I know another track I will be going to doesn't even...
  4. Mounting Fire Extingusher Torque Specs

    I need to have a fire extinguisher mounted for this weekend. I bought a product called the bracketeer I was told would work with he mustang. It is supposed to mount to the seat rails, but because of the plastic trim I cant seem to get it to fit. Alternative, it says it can be mounted using the...
  5. Scratch or Patch

    I had my car at the dealer to have the Roush supercharger and max cooling kit installed (more here). Long story short, the body shop they sent it to apparently scratched the fender when cutting and installing the fender vents. They repainted it and had new ppf put on but there are some issues...

    Does anyone know if has any actual connection to Ford performance? I placed an order with them about two months ago that I still havent recived. Sent a couple of emails with no response, and they dont seem to have a phone number.
  7. Ford prepaid Loyalty Card

    When I purchased my new Mustang last year there were three big issues that I had to take it to the dealer several time for. Once for a hole in the trunk, twice for paint issues on the front bumper, and five times for an issue with the trunk. The first time was obviously Fords fault, but having...
  8. ROUSH Lower High-Flow Grille

    Has anyone with a 2018+ with ACC installed the Roush lower grille? I wanted to get their chin spoiler kit but it says you need to also install their lower grille. I emailed Roush and they said it "should work" with ACC. I would like a little more confirmation then that before spending $900 and...
  9. First Time / Drag Radials

    In two weeks I will be going to my first drag strip. Right now I have done no modifications to the engine but I have ordered a Roush phase 2 supercharger. My plan was to go before and then after installation to really get a good comparison of stock vs. supercharged. I have never raced my car...
  10. ROUSH Max Cooling Kit

    Forgive me if it has, but I haven't seen this posted anywhere. It seems Roush has come out with a new cooling kit for their 2018+ superchargers. Looks interesting if it really works, but you have to chop up your fenders.
  11. Trufiber Carbon Fiber Radio Bezel

    Has anyone bought/installed the Trufiber carbon fiber radio cover? It looks interesting as it seems to screw on, but I cant seem to find anyone that has it.
  12. FS: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires

    Had to replace the tires on my 2020 pp1 with all seasons. Took them off at 712 miles. Im in Queens and I can meet anywhere on Long Island or a reasonable distance elsewhere. Asking $800 obo.
  13. Rear GT Emblem

    Does anyone know where I could get a rear GT emblem in twister orange. All the ones I can find are either comp or orange fury,
  14. Hole in trunk

    Has anyone ever seen this? My new 2020 was delivered yesterday and everything looked good when I inspected the outside. But today, I open the trunk and notice this hole on the side. The whole area seems to be and mess and made of some sort of soft material. hole by TheGame1190 posted Jul 5, 2020...
  15. New York OEM 2015 Auto Shifter

    I am looking for a 2015 auto gear shift lever with the trim like in the photo.
  16. 2015 to 2020 or 2021

    I currently have a 2015 GT premium but I have been considering upgrading to a 2020. I really like the look of the 2018s+ and the newer options and features, but I have been going back and forth because I hate losing all the mods I have done. Not really thinking about the money but the time and...
  17. GT WTB: 50th anniversary floor mats

    Looking for a set of clean 50th anniversary floor mats.
  18. GT350 style fenders opinions

    I know there are many threads about GT 350 style fenders, but I am specifically looking for thoughts from people who have had them installed. I am going to be getting the cervinis ram air hood and I have been thinking about doing the fenders at the same time. I have been looking at the steel...
  19. Trufiber lower grill ACC

    I want to get rid of as much of the exterior plastic as I can. I have been thinking about getting the grills painted gloss black but I really wanted to go with carbon fiber. Problem is I have adaptive cruise control so that limits my grill options. According to americanmuscle this Trufiber lower...
  20. Multiple Electrical Failures

    Over the course of driving today I noticed at least three or four things that all of a sudden stopped working and I am not sure why or how they could be related. 1. Both sockets. I always plug my phone in when using Waze but neither would work so I had to use my usb charger. Just to be sure it...