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  1. GT 2018 Mustang GT 401A

    Like new, Mustang GT, 10 speed auto, active exhaust, Lowered on ultra lightweight P51 wheels wrapped with staggered Michelin Pilot Super Sports(275-35-19 front, 305-35-19 rear, car also has the BMR CB005 cradle lockout kit. The engine completely stock, never modded. This car has the 401a...
  2. P51 Wheels, 19x10/11. Gloss black, anyone have em in

    Stock, or have a set used they wanna get rid of? Looking to buy a set and looks like everywhere I have checked is out of stock on the front 19x10’s. Don’t make me buy the SVE set and clear coat em!
  3. WTB. 19-10/11 wheels

    Anyone? Must be in new/excellent condition. Thanks! Pm me
  4. Fitment help needed

    Just bought a used 18 gt, looking to to to a squqre setup. 20-10 rim I’m thinking. I have at home 2 285-35-20 michelin pilot sport 4s has want to use. If I have all the rims 20/10 will it be a problem or look unsightly to run 275-35-20 up front? I know that kills the rotation. The rims...
  5. Bought an 18 gt with 3.15, want 3.55

    What all do I need? From what I can tell it’s a bit of a process.
  6. Is the stereo in the 18 301a, 400a & 401a all the same?

    In regards to the speakers and sound quality? I thought the 401a came with an upgraded stereo, but it looks like the same as in the lesser trims with nav added. Am I missing anything?
  7. Is the stereo in the 18 3-1a, 400a & 401a all the same?

    In regards to the speakers and sound quality? I thought the 401a came with an upgraded stereo, but it looks like the same as in the lesser trims with nav added. Am I missing anything?
  8. Which 18 would you buy?

    Car 1. GT premium, 401a package, auto trans, perf pack 1. OTD price $41,400 everything included but my sales tax of $300.00 MSRP of $48,180.00 Car 2. GT base, 301a package, auto trans, perf pack 1, magnaride, active exhaust. OTD price $38,650 before sales tax. MSRP of $46,175.00 I’m...
  9. Is there a way to do a regional or national search

    To find a car configured relatively close to what I want? I don’t mind driving or flying 900 or so miles to get the car optioned like I want in the color I want without adding a bunch of stuff I don’t want to pay the extra for. When I go to Fords website it gives me a 100 mile range from...
  10. Say I buy a base 300a 18 GT

    How hard is it to upgrade the radio to the ones in the 301, 400 or 401? The local dealership has a base exactly like I want except for the 300 and the small screen with all the buttons.
  11. Are the new 18 pp wheels any

    Any lighter than the 15-17 version? I know the previous version were rather heavy.
  12. JMS PEDALMAX $140.00 shipped.

    One of my favorite mods, greatly enhances throttle response and makes the car much more enjoyable to drive. Super easy 5 min install, keeps warranty intact. Selling because I am now on a lund tune.[/URL][/IMG]
  13. FS 2 x Nitto N555 G2, 305/30/20

    Tires have about 2500 miles on them, no patches or repairs, excellent shape. Asking $235.00 for the pair. Local only, located in the Myrtle Beach area. Will meet up or deliver in SC, NC area.
  14. FS 4 x 285/35/20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S brand new

    Brand new never mounted, this is Michelin updated version of their MPSS award winning tires. Retail for these are close $400.00 each I don't want to ship these , will sell in sets of 2 or 4. Will deliver or meet up in the vicinity of Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Florence, SC, Wilmington...
  15. Ngauge users, what gauges do you have set up

    to watch? I'm running an E-85 tune BTW. Is there a list showing all the available gauges on the ngauge?
  16. Nguage gurus i need help!

    Story: I bought an Nguage used on this board a few months ago along with a CAI. Well I finally decided to tune my car so I ordered a lund tune last week. Got the tune in Friday and tried to load it today. The guy I got the nguage from appearantly just unplugged it and didn't reset it or...
  17. Pedalmax with tune?

    I currently have a pedalmax installed on my car, loading my Lund tune tomorrow. Do i need to remove the pedalmax? Is there ANY difference or benefit to running the tune with and without the pedalmax? Anyone run both?
  18. Anyone running a Steeda CAI have a pre filter on it?

    If so can you tell me where ya got it? Outerwears website does not help much.
  19. Lund website says custom tunes out of stock?

    Beef website give no option to add e85 tune, Lethal website give no option to add the specifics and add the e85 option. What am I missing? Looking to order today.
  20. Michelin mpss vs Nitto t05

    Which tire will produce better 60ft times? My car stock can spin my nitto 555 G2(305-30-20) from a 20 roll. Looking for more traction since I'm about to add headers, e85 tune, and intake. Wondering if I should go nt05 ( not the r version) on the rear, or bite the bullet and get some mpss...