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  1. Bronze 20" Niche Forms and Hankook Evo 2s

    Selling my Niche Forms in bronze, 20" diameter. Fronts are 8.5" wide and 25mm offset, rears are 10" wide and 40mm offset. Tires are Hankook Evo2, 255/35 front and 275/35 rear, have over 80% tread remaining. Assembled and balanced with TPMS, include black lug nuts. Wheels have absolutely no...
  2. For Sale in FL - 19" MMD Zevens and PP Pirellis

    I have a staggered set of the MMD Zevens from AM in silver (see here: ) 19" by 8.5" front and 19" by 10" rear. They have the stock PP Pirellis mounted on them, with 7k miles on the tires, 3k on the rims. Fronts are good, rears are...
  3. s550 shirt on Blipshift this weekend Pretty cool looking design.
  4. Any good stripe installers in Central FL?

    I am getting some crazy quotes for stripe installs in the Melbourne,FL area. Even telling them I will bring precut Bigworm stripes has no real affect. So who does quality installs in the Melbourne/Kissimmee/Orlando area?
  5. Starting the day at Deal's Gap

    Couple minutes of my first run through the Tail of the Dragon this morning... sad thing is that the first run I was held up half way through by a white '15 GT that apparently didn't know what a pull-off was for...
  6. A vid of my first time back at solo ii since '06

    With nice noob painter's tape letters. The Bassani exhaust sounds pretty good as I come up on the corner workers...
  7. BMR has a new diff bushing kit, wonder how hard to install Looks like a great solution for wheelhop. I just wonder how hard it is to remove the stock bushings. The new poly ones are split so you can easily press them in after you get the old squishy junk out of there.
  8. Anyone in FL need PP sways/springs?

    Putting this here instead of classifieds because I am looking for local pickup only, too much hassle to ship them. If any FL person wants to meet up I have the stock GT Performance Package swaybars and springs, you can have them all for $100. Sways have the bushings and brackets still on...
  9. The BigWorm ad is covering the forum tool bar

    I can no longer see anything further right than the New Posts button. A bit annoying.
  10. Does the stock clutch line have a restrictor?

    Just wondering if Ford did the same thing with our cars as they did with the Focus ST, installing a restrictor in the clutch fluid line to feather engagement of the clutch in the interest of increasing drivetrain durability. Which mainly succeeded in glazing a lot of modified ST's clutch discs...
  11. Did someone mention caster/camber plates?

    Maximum Motorsports apparently has them now for the S550. I like their parts, always have been high quality.
  12. Major improvement with MT82 fluid change

    I had no real issues with my MT82, it shifted fine but was a bit notchy, you could feel the gears bumping a bit between 1st and 2nd, and then 2nd to 3rd. Changed the fluid and wow... smooth as butter. I did not expect so noticeable a difference, it is literally night and day. Tranny went...
  13. For Sale: GT PP Wheels, no TPMS or tires

    $800 picked up or $900 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Removed last week with 2k miles on them, picture below from just before I swapped rims. Perfect condition, no marks or scratches, include free brake dust. Just don't see a need to keep them in my shed.
  14. Any confirmation that '13-'14 GT500 pads fit the '15 GT PP?

    Looking for lower dusting brake pads, but few if any seem to be listed for the '15 as yet. Heard they use the same calipers as the last years of the GT500... truth?
  15. So I got the Roush shift knob... and am returning it

    Bought the white Roush knob, it screwed on easily and lined up pretty much spot on. Took it back off after trial fit, put a dab of locktite blue on it, and put it back on yesterday evening. Today I went to take the wife to breakfast... cannot engage reverse. The lockout slides up inside the...
  16. JLT Intake fitment help

    Anyone with this intake, did you run into the filter being shoved into the metal brace on the drivers side of the engine compartment? Mine has the filter element wedged hard up against a sharp corner, and will be tearing through soon with engine movement. I cut a piece of rubber hose to...