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  1. BluSnake

    2020+ Shelby GT500 Track Attack 2.0! (video)

    Gotcha! That actually makes more sense to use a more progressive tire for drivers with varying levels of experience. More predictable release characteristics, especially in a car with tons of power.
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    2020+ Shelby GT500 Track Attack 2.0! (video)

    At 53:30, you mentioned Michelin PS4S? I thought they had Cup 2's? I guess FPRS didn't want to burn up Cup 2's when you're only doing 8-9/10th's.
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    More story on the Mustang rented, modified, and driven to Cannonball glory

    #7 ....Science without Humanity..." --- Mahatma Gandhi
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    2019 GT350 Production Numbers and Take Rates (Colors, Options & Configurations)

    Right!? How or why did Ford even think that would be a popular or even palatable color combination?
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    Powerstop rotor failure

    Re: American Muscle, "Horrible support" is the understatement of the year! I refuse to buy anything from them ever again. Doghouse Performance at MSR Cresson gets all my business AND trust!
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    First track day...brake question

    Hey Matthew87 and Torque124, here's my strategy! I've been tracking my '11 Mustang GT and my '09 Miata pretty regularly (avg 2 weekends/month) the past year. I've never done a "complete brake system flush". Instead, just before each track weekend, I "bleed" approximately "12-16 inches" of...
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    I discovered some stowaways under my hood

    Hilarious! I don't think DrewGamer's gotten a serious answer yet! Mud Dauber nest, a rarely aggressive wasp, almost never stings. They're all over North Texas. More than likely larvae on inside are dead due to heat coming off radiator. Break off the bulk of the nest with your fingers or...
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    Thanks for reminder, I forgot about this thread....COVID and all. I'll go measure my rocker panels to see how well it will fit. The "GT350" is available in different colors, but the "5.2L Voodoo Flat Plane Crank" is always in black? And both are on the same backer?
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    Ford Performance Springs?

    Thanks for the source! Love that style wheel! No pricing on MRR site. About how much do they cost?
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    GT350 Part Numbers

    In searching for an R splitter to upgrade my regular '19 GT350, I've come across 2 part numbers. I don't know why there are 2 numbers floating around for the same part, but please let me know if you find out. FR3Z-17F775-A__W (taken directly from a photo of the molded-in number on an R...
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    Ford Performance Springs?

    Awesome informative thread! Thanks for sharing!
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    Ford Performance Springs?

    LOVE those wheels! Look like the GT500 non-CFTP and the Ford GT wheels. What brand, model, sizes are they? Also, I read that "stretched" tires provide a bit better sidewall stiffness for tracking. What size, brand tires are you using on those rims?
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    Ford Performance Springs?

    Got my '19 GT350 in Oct and still breaking it in - only 350 miles - while I thrash my '11 GT on the track. When I ordered mine back in Feb '19, I really wanted the R, but couldn't justify the $9k up-charge (920A) or the ADM's ($10-15k at the time) for "conversion work" I could do myself - F/R...
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    Help me diagnose this sound

    I assume you checked for a rock or nail stuck in your tire? Hopefully it's that simple.
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    Very Nice!!! But where's the "L" after the 5.2? What's the height and length of "GT 350" by itself? I might use it on rocker panels.
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    Doing my part to help the next guy

    Red, White, Blue! Ford, Chevy, Mopar! Beautiful All-American Trio!
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    TP Shortage

    I guess I'm not Wal-Martian enough to understand the run on TP? But....I too am glad I have a power washer!
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    Former S197 5.0 Owners

    I'll share my experiences. I'm very glad I didn't trade-in my S197 for my GT350!!! My 2011 GT is a base (300A) trim pkg w only 2 options: Brembo pkg and 3.73 rear end. Previous owner installed a Steeda CAI and SCT tune, it currently has 51k miles. I run RE-71R's in 265/40R19's. The rest is...
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    I used SlipLo on mine. The ZL-1 AddOns probably work well on relatively flat splitters like on Camaros. However, with the more curved and undulating splitters on 350's, I think SlipLo provides much better protection. And if you chose to spend the extra money, you can literally cover the...
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    Feedback on some wheel/tire ideas.......

    Excited to be part of M6G and the Shelby family. I just got my first GT350 (2019 non-R). I want to get a 19x11+50 square setup to be rotatable and get most out of my tires for tracking. I've been studying all the posts re: everything that's needed to create this setup. But I have a few items...